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Longest car in the world


The American Dream Limo is owned by car collector and designer Jay Ohrberg of Burbank,California,USA.It is considered as the world longest Car.
Jay Ohrberg designed his monster limo himself and now hires it out through his hire car company.This incredible limo is currently in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest car in the world.
Basically it is designed for Hollywood movie to display and show in films.The 30.5 m or 100 ft long limo with 26 wheels has many features including a swimming pool with diving board and a king-sized water bed.It is specially designed to drive as a rigid vehicle or it can be changed to bend in the middle.Even it has two driver’s compartments one at each end to help whilits back which allows easily the landing of helicopter.There is also a satellite dish on its top.

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FIFA 17  immerses you in authentic football experiences by leveraging the sophistication of a new game engine, while introducing you to football players full of depth and emotion, and taking you to brand new worlds accessible only in the game. Complete innovation in the way players think and move, physically interact with opponents, and execute in attack lets you own every moment on the pitch.

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Men, beware of watching TV for Hours can Mar your fertility

Tunde Ajaja    
From his favourite sports channels to movie channels, and sometimes news channels, watching television is one of the ways Emeka Okon, a civil servant, unwinds anytime he comes back from work.  And on weekends, watching the TV is like a ritual for him.
“I come back home around 6pm every day and from that moment, I don’t joke with some TV stations and when my wife comes back, we watch some movie channels together before we go to bed,” he said.
Emeka’s love for TV has been amplified by the ongoing Olympics games in Rio, Brazil, as he has tried to keep up with the different games, especially the ones that concern his fellow countrymen and women, while Telemundo Channel  has remained a sweet alternative for him during his pastimes.

But, unknown to Emeka and many other persons who take pleasure in watching TV for hours, there are some inherent disadvantages in such, especially for men.
Findings by some researchers have shown that watching TV more than five hours daily could affect a man’s fertility as it can reduce the sperm count by one-third.
The researchers from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, studied 1,200 “healthy” young men. Some of the participants were instructed to watch TV for at least five hours every day, while the others were told to abstain from TV or reduce how much of it they watched. The record of their sperm counts were taken before and after the study.
According to the findings of the study, published on American Journal of Epidemiology, and reviewed on Mail Online, those who watched TV for more than five hours had average sperm count of 37 million per millilitre of fluid, while those who hardly watched TV had 52 million per millilitre of fluid. Whereas, normal sperm count is adjudged to be between 40 million and 300 million per millilitre
“Furthermore, decreases in testosterone were detected in men watching many hours of television, the researchers added. The hormone testosterone plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues such as the testis and prostate, as well as promoting secondary sexual characteristics such as increased muscle and bone mass, and the growth of body hair.”
The researchers concluded that watching too much TV could make men less fertile, given the findings of their study.
In another study by researchers from Harvard School of Public Health, it was also found that watching TV may likely affect sperm count.
The researchers, including Jorge Chavarro, an assistant professor of nutrition and epidemiology and lead author, Audrey Gaskins, a doctoral student in the institution, said 20 hours of TV weekly could reduce sperm count by half, whereas engaging in exercise can boost sperm count.
In the study, they analysed the semen quality of 189 men. They asked the participants about their physical activity and how much TV they watched, taking their respective health conditions into consideration.
They said their results showed that men who watched more than 20 hours of TV weekly had a 44 per cent lower sperm count than those who watched almost no TV.
But, on the other hand, men who exercised for at least 15 hours weekly at a moderate to vigorous rate had a 73 per cent higher sperm count than those who exercised less than five hours per week. “However, mild exercise did not affect sperm quality,” they added.
Gaskins said, “We know very little about how lifestyle may impact semen quality and male fertility in general so identifying two potentially modifiable factors that appear to have such a big impact on sperm counts is truly exciting.
“Men engaging in exercise for seven hours or more per week, essentially one hour a day had 48 per cent higher sperm concentration in their semen than men who were engaging in less than one hour per week and there are particular forms of exercises that boost sperm counts.
“Weightlifting has been shown to increase testosterone levels and improve insulin sensitivity, both of which have been found to be related to higher sperm concentrations. But, there is one form of outdoor exercise that can decrease male fertility.
“Men who rode bicycle for more than an hour and a half each week had 34 per cent lower sperm concentrations than men who did not bike, because the pressure placed against the scrotum by a bike seat or the increased scrotal temperatures caused by such pressure are possible explanations for this decrease in fertility.”
The researchers concluded that as exercise boosts sperm count, watching too much of TV could reduce sperm count. They also cautioned that a reduced sperm count, even though linked to lower fertility, does not necessarily preclude such men from impregnating a woman. Regardless, it reduces their chances.
Meanwhile, apart from excessive watching of TV, there are other things men do that can impair their sperm count, and ultimately, their fertility. And it should be noted that male infertility is often due to low sperm count.
A consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, had told Saturday PUNCH in a chat recently that apart from the fact that infertility can be inherited, through the genes, lifestyle, vocation, infections and use of certain drugs could also cause low sperm count.
According to him, “Some vocations can also reduce sperm count. There is a documented study in France that shows that men who work in fuel stations or paint industries over a very long time can stand the risk of having low sperm count. Also, if you play golf over a long time, the insecticide they use at golf courses could cause low sperm count.
“It is for the same reason that people are advised not to put their laptop on their laps, neither should they put any radioactive device, like mobile phone, in their pocket because of the radiation. Motorcycle riders and truck drivers whose testes are subjected to very high temperature for a long period of time, by virtue of their seating position, can also have their fertility affected.”
Meanwhile, a previous study, earlier treated on this page, had revealed that wearing tight (butt-squeezing and thigh-hugging) trousers could also lead to low sperm count, coupled with the fact that it could cause testicular torsion, where one testicle gets twisted on itself, and if left untreated, the torsion could cut off circulation and cause the testicle to die.
A reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Celia Dominguez, had pointed out that the temperature of the groin area matters for the testes to produce sufficient quality and quantity of sperm.
He said, “The temperature of testes must be lower than the core body temperature, so, something as simple as changing the kind of underwear a man wears can make a difference. Testes can overheat when a man wears tight wears or brief underwear.
“If the testes are too hot – several degrees above where they should be – they are not able to produce sufficient sperm, resulting in low sperm count. Just be aware, it takes 10 to 11 weeks for sperm to be produced, so dress and plan accordingly.”
Copyright PUNCH. 

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Canon T6i/750D Review at Game Jabi Lake Abuja

Like the EOS Rebel T-something-i models before it, the Canon EOS Rebel T6i / 750D delivers professional grade image quality in a compact, lightweight, feature-filled, easy-to-use body that carries a very affordable price tag. These are the qualities that have anchored the flagship Canon Rebel model in the top-selling DSLRs category for years and this design approach has been continued with the Rebel T6i. Though the T6i is the upgrade to the prior flagship Rebel model, the T5i, a new flaship Rebel model that slots above the T6i has been simultaneously introduced. Nearly identical to the T6i is the Canon EOS Rebel T6s / 760D. While the T6s has a higher price tag, it has a superset of the features found on the T6i. I'll share my preferences along with the model differences in the Rebel T6s Review.
Note that, with these two cameras being nearly identical, I chose to complete this review using the Rebel T6s model. Essentially, in areas where the two cameras differ in their handling/layout, the T6i is nearly identical to the T5i/T4i design that I am very familar with. The two cameras are similar enough to not warrant complete separate reviews and I felt that it was more important to learn the updated T6s design.
At review time, the Canon EOS Rebel line (***D and ****D) is the most popular DSLR camera line on the market and, at T6i announcement time, 3 Rebel models were included in the top 4 overall bestselling DSLR cameras list. [per Canon USA] As usual with a new Rebel model introduction, the former Rebel models remain in the EOS lineup with the T5i becoming the mid-level model and the best-selling T5 remains the entry level option.
While the new-at-the-time EF-S 18-55mm STM Kit Lens was arguably the biggest upgrade that came with the T5i, the T6i's upgrade package is far more significant.

  • New 24.2 megapixel Canon CMOS imaging sensor
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities
  • Extensive ISO range of 100-12800 (expandable to 25600)
  • DIGIC 6 Image Processor
  • 5 fps high-speed continuous shooting
  • 19-point all cross-type AF system (same as 70D and 7D)
  • Light flicker detection and Anti-flicker shutter timing
  • Hybrid CMOS AF III image sensor-embedded autofocus system
  • Intelligent viewfinder with liquid crystal overlay
  • 3" Vari-Angle Touch Screen Clear View LCD monitor with approx. 1,040,000 dots
  • Latest version of Canon EOS scene analysis system and new color tone detection
  • Full HD 1080p resolution video up to 30 fps in MP4 format with stereo microphone jack available
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    Samsung has announced the world’s first removable UFS (Universal Flash Storage) memory cards

    Samsung has announced the world’s first removable UFS (Universal Flash Storage) memory cards, offering storage capacity of either 32, 64, 128, or 256 gigabytes, and performance speeds that simply leaves older formats behind.

    The UFS cards have sequential read speeds of up to 530 megabytes per second — five times faster than the best microSD cards. That means reading a 5 gigabyte, full HD movie in roughly 10 seconds, says Samsung, compared to a UHS-1 microSD card which manages the same feat in around 50 seconds

    Write speeds are also significantly improved, with rates of up to 170 MB/s. That’s nearly double the performance of the very fastest microSDs which has write speeds of up to 100 MB/s.

    Samsung says all this power is necessary to keep up with the abundance of high-resolution footage being generated by devices from smartphones to action cams, drones to 360-degree cameras.

    ALSO READ:SA VOD Service, ShowMax Reaches 10 million Views

    While the new UFS standard has appeared as embedded memory in a few devices (notably Samsung’s own Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge), there are no products that yet support the cards as removable storage.

    The design of the cards looks similar with the micro SD from the front, but the pin configuration on the back is not yet compatible with current phones. though they UFS might be the clear technological successor to formats used in microSD cards, Samsung is yet to announce its availability and price.

    It would be interesting to see how this plays out and how consumers would respond to it.

    Samsung has announced the world’s first removable UFS (Universal Flash Storage) memory cards, offering storage capacity of either

    Sunday, July 3, 2016

    We can’t date guys that bleach — Women

    I don’t like guys who bleach their skin; it is a turn off for me. I see no reason why a guy should bleach his skin. I prefer natural fairness. I wouldn’t mind dating a light- skinned guy, as long as his skin tone is natural and not artificial.
    — Omolabake Lawal
    I’m not one that is picky; I wouldn’t mind dating a guy that is light-skinned. What matters to me is his attitude and temperament. But I can never date a guy who bleaches his skin.
    — Damilola Oladimeji

    Everyone should appreciate his or her skin colour. Why would a guy want to bleach his skin? It sounds strange to me. A guy who bleaches his skin ends up looking scary. I think skin bleaching is totally wrong.
    — Adana Ohakwu
    Skin bleaching is disgusting and nasty. It is also very unhygienic. I don’t think I can ever date a guy who bleaches his skin. I’m against skin bleaching. However, I don’t mind dating a guy who is light-skinned, as long he doesn’t bleach his skin.
    — Ayishat Ajidagba
    I think skin bleaching is disgusting, why should a guy bleach his skin? Guys who bleach tend to have a strong body odour. The act sounds strange to me. I also prefer caramel to light-skinned guys.
    — Bolu Olojo
    Both guys and ladies shouldn’t bleach their skin; it has so many side effects. I can understand if a lady is bleaching her skin, but for a guy to bleach his skin? It sounds funny.
    — Ore Adewunmi
    I am dark in complexion, which means I can’t date a guy who is light-skinned. What makes matters worse is when the guy is bleaching. But why should a guy bleach?
    — Balikis Olanrewaju
    Bleaching is a wrong act; it shouldn’t be celebrated at all. I am totally against skin bleaching. And when a guy bleaches his skin, he looks funny. His skin also develops red patches. I appreciate dark-skinned guys.
    — Jumoke Sawyerr
    I can’t and won’t date a guy who bleaches. If I am trying to lighten my skin so my man can appreciate, and he too is doing the same thing, why? There can’t be two females in a relationship please. Skin bleaching is a turn off. If a guy is naturally light-skinned, I won’t mind dating him.
    — Hannah Ogunlaja
    Skin bleaching causes cancer and other ailments. A guy who has natural caramel skin tends to look better than a guy who bleaches. I won’t advise any guy to bleach and I can’t date a guy who bleaches.
    — Stella Chukwu

    Men who use bleaching cream:Women like light-skinned men, we bleach to attract them

    MOTUNRAYO JOEL in this two-part series writes about the growing craze for bleaching among Nigerian men and the reasons why such men try to lighten their skin
    Twenty-three-year-old Segun Ogunlude’s skin is a sight to behold. It is dotted by dark patches and small reddish blotches that easily identify him as one of the growing number of male Nigerians who bleach their skin.
    “I was dark-skinned some years back and I didn’t like it,” Ogunlude, a transporter who said he started skin bleaching three years ago, said. “Now that I’m much lighter, I feel good. In fact, I don’t joke with my skin. I have my bath at least twice a day and I use a particular bleaching cream and it works like magic. My skin feels smooth and looks toned,” he said.
    A general physician, Dr. Kunle Ogunyomi, defines skin bleaching as a cosmetic procedure that aims to lighten dark areas of skin or achieve a generally paler skin tone. Several studies have shown that bleaching is dangerous. But Ogunlude said he would not stop bleaching.

    He said, “I know a lot of men want to have my skin colour. I get comments from women about my nice skin. But it didn’t come easy. I had to continuously pamper and care for my skin. I’m proud of my present colour.
    “I don’t believe bleaching creams are produced wholly for women. Men too can use bleaching creams.”
    ‘Women like fair men’
    In Nigeria, and other parts of Africa, skin bleaching has always been known as a popular, though dangerous, beauty therapy. But it is mostly embraced by women. According to a recent study by the World Health Organisation, Nigeria has the highest number of women using bleaching and skin-toning creams in Africa. The study says 77 per cent of Nigerian women use skin-whitening products of various kinds. Togo came in second with 59 per cent and Senegal third with 27 per cent.
    men who bleach skinHowever, male bleaching, which is not an entirely new phenomenon in Nigeria, is now gaining ground. For several years, only a few popular and well-to-do Nigerian males bleached. Today, Daniel Ohiku is one of the growing number of Nigerian males of different socioeconomic groups who bleach. Ohiku said he would not mind using the last money on him to purchase his favourite bleaching cream.
    “I don’t joke with my cream, if today I hear that the cream is no longer produced in Nigeria, I would find a way to get it from neighbouring African countries. I am proud of it and what it has turned my skin to and women love it,” he said.
    Some popular men who have publicly admitted to bleaching include Ghanaian boxer, Bukom Banku and a Nigerian, Okuneye Olanrewaju.
    Despite the claim by some men that women find men who use lightening cream attractive, a cross-section of women told our correspondent that they find bleaching repulsive.
    Omolabake Lawal, a teacher, said “I don’t like guys who bleach their skin; it is a turn off for me. I see no reason why a guy should bleach his skin. I prefer natural fairness. I wouldn’t mind dating a light-skinned guy, as long as his skin tone is natural and not artificial.”
    Similarly, Joy Okengwu, said, “I’m not one that is picky; I wouldn’t mind dating a guy that is light-skinned. What matters to me is his attitude and temperament. But I can never date a guy who bleaches his skin.”
    Booming business
    The business of whitening lotion is a multi-million dollar business. Some of the people in the trade specialise in mixing different kinds of cream and chemicals to make bespoke lightening creams. Others sell injections and pills that are marketed as fast-acting skin lighteners.
    Chinonso, a businessman in Ikeja, Lagos, is a player in the booming cosmetics industry that ensures that Ogundele and other male bleachers do not run out of creams. Apart from mixing skin-lightening ingredients for people who want to bleach their skin, Chinonso also makes a product for males who want to have artificial pink lips.  He calls it ‘sexy pink lip.’ Chinonso said more men now bleach their skin.
    He said, “Many years ago, convincing a man to lighten his skin sounded like a taboo. Today, things are different; men now care for their skin. More men want to look good; they want to hear positive comments about their skin tone.  I make a good amount of money from mixing creams which I sell to both men and women,” he said.
    Although Chinonso refused to share all the secrets of his trade, he said he spent about six hours mixing his creams.
    He said, “I cannot disclose the products I use to produce the creams; but they are fantastic products that lighten the skin. I wasn’t as light as I am now, what you see now is as a result of hard work and perseverance. I cannot imagine myself growing dark, it would break my heart. I love my skin colour; I believe it is my selling point. Men who want to bleach their skin approach me for help, even women too.”
    A cosmetics businessman at Ikeja, Lagos, Mr. Johnson Kingsley, said 80 per cent of the products on his shelf were bleaching creams.
    “Bleaching and whitening creams are what men and women want. I make more money from selling bleaching creams; hence the reason most of the products I sell are bleaching creams. I give my customers what they want,” he said.
    Bleaching beauty
    In many parts of Africa, light skin is associated with success and prestige. Some historians claim it is one of the dark heritages of colonial rule. Also, light-skinned women are usually considered as being more beautiful than dark-skinned women.
    Experts have however countered that skin bleaching is a dangerous pastime that should not be embraced for any reason. The risks associated with the use of bleaching creams include blood cancers such as leukaemia and cancers of the liver and kidneys, as well as a severe skin condition called ochronosis, a form of hyper-pigmentation which causes the skin to turn a dark purple shade.
    Ohiku, who is a hair stylist at Ikeja, Lagos, said he had heard reports of skin bleaching causing cancer, but he didn’t believe it.
    “I have been using my bleaching cream for more than five years and I have not had cancer. I don’t believe bleaching creams cause cancer.  In Nigeria, rumours spread fast, if one is not careful, one would believe everything one hears,” he said.
    Remi Alade also works in Ikeja with Ohiku as a hair stylist. He described his bleached skin as a “selling point.”
    “I just love looking light; I see nothing wrong in bleaching my skin, as long as it doesn’t harm me. Light-skinned men are seen as attractive, just like light-skinned women. Moreover, Nigeria’s weather is quite harsh, if one isn’t careful, one would look black. I take care of my skin and I’m proud to say so. I was once dark-skinned, I didn’t like my looks. I think I look better now,” he said.
    Six or half a dozen?
    Is there a difference between skin toning and skin bleaching? Seun Abayomi, an employee of a security company in the Agege area of Lagos, who uses a lightening cream, thinks so.
    “I think bleaching is a strong word, I personally use creams that tone my skin. My skin grew dark overtime because of the nature of my job which is why I decided to tone it. I don’t bleach,” he said.
    However, a Consultant Physician/Dermatologist at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Dr. Funmi Ajose, said there is a difference.
    “Skin toning is not the same as skin bleaching.  The process of skin toning involves removing dead cells from one’s skin. However, I must stress that people who tone, don’t change their skin colour. They only remove stains and dead cells from their skin. This process enhances the skin and makes it not to look dull,” he said.
    A Consultant Physician/Dermatologist at the Federal Medical Centre, Abuja, Dr. Haroun Adamu, however said skin bleaching, lightening and whitening all refer to the same thing.
    He said, “Skin whitening, lightening and bleaching refer to the practice of using chemical substances to lighten the skin by reducing the melanin concentration in the skin. Several chemicals have been shown to be effective in skin whitening, while some have proven to be toxic or have questionable safety profiles.’’
    According to Ajose, bleaching creams are generally inappropriate, no matter the term used to differentiate them.
    She said, “The fact that you are removing the pigment from your skin alone can pose a problem. Melanin is in the skin to protect it from the harsh ultraviolet sun rays; these rays are harmful and melanin absorbs them. The body produces the appropriate quantity of this pigment for each person. When you remove the pigment through bleaching, you are indirectly exposing yourself to the sun, which is why some develop skin cancer.
    “Hydroquinone and mercury are dangerous substances in bleaching creams. Hydroquinone however is not as deadly as the other substances. It has been found to be very effective for treating hyper pigmentation issues. However, too much of this substance in the body is dangerous.”
    Similarly, Dr. Adamu said hydroquinone has raised concerns about skin cancer especially when used in higher concentration and for prolonged period.
    He said, “This concern is as a result of the extent of absorption in humans and the incidence of cancers in rats in several studies where adult rats were found to have increased rates of cancers. This has led to its over-the-counter ban in several countries. It is expected that this negative effects will apply equally to men and women.  But it must be noted that the overwhelming abusers of bleaching creams in Nigeria are women.
    “For the treatment of common skin diseases, dermatologists typically recommend the short term use of hydroquinone cream with a maximum dose of two to four per cent that is Food and Drug Administration approved, but still happens to be a bit controversial.
    “It is used for a short duration and for medically indicated uses. Other non- hydroquinone creams can also be safely used under professional guidance.
    “But the vast majority of people in Nigeria obtain bleaching creams from dubious sources like the market place, so-called beauty shops and other unregulated and unprofessional sources. The mixtures are usually in excessive doses designed to impress the buyer with instant results without regard to the overall side effects or health of the unsuspecting user.”
    Ajose also said that men who bleached suffered more adverse effects than women.
    “The men that come to me for skin treatment, as a result of skin bleaching, suffer worse side effects than women. Their skin turns into hard leather. This is because men are more exposed to sun rays than women. Men stay out in the sun longer than women; hence the sun damages their skin more vigorously than women. It is unsightly, and if they are exposed to the sun continuously, their skin or that particular area on the skin can become cancerous,” he said.
    Other side effects of skin bleaching, include exogenous ochronosis which is the darkening of the skin, said Adamu.
    He added that such condition darkens the skin permanently and it becomes resistant to any treatment.
    Adamu added that the overuse of skin lightening agents could also cause pigmentation to build up in one’s extremities (fingers, toes, ears etc), thereby causing them to look darker and mismatched.
    African governments fight back
    Across Africa, governments are now making efforts to stop skin bleaching. Next month, Ghana’s Food and Drugs Authority is set to ban the importation of products that contain skin-lightening chemicals. The ban is hoped to deter people from using such products. Last year, Ivory Coast also banned all skin-whitening creams and lotions over fears that the cosmetic products could cause long-term health problems.
    Meanwhile in Nigeria, where a wholesale ban of bleaching cream is not being considered, the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control has adopted various measures to curb the influx of these creams into the market.
    The Public Relations Officer, NAFDAC, Mr. Anslem Okonkwo, said the agency had banned the importation of some of the key ingredients used in the manufacturing of the creams.
    “On our part, any time we have information of any company making use of those ingredients, we close down such company,” Okonkwo said.
    But health experts have said these measures might not be enough to curb the growing craze.
    Ajose said, “I don’t know if the Federal Government can ban skin bleaching, there are many neighbouring countries where bleaching creams are not banned. Nigerians will purchase skin bleaching creams from those countries. Instead, what the federal government can do is to persuade institutions to discourage bleaching.’’
    Adamu said a regulation of the use of bleaching creams is better than a ban.
    “What we need is not an outright ban, but we need to tightly regulate the use of the comparatively safer ones to licensed medical professionals like it is done in the United States,’’ he said.
    The NAFDAC spokesperson Okonkwo agreed that the battle to stop the use and production of bleaching creams was a tough one. However, he sought the public’s help.
    “This fight against bleaching creams is one that we cannot fight alone. We need the public to join in the fight. Anybody with useful information about any company using the banned ingredients should please report to NAFDAC,” he said.
    source; punch

    Giggs quits Man United after 29 years

    Ryan Giggs has left Manchester United after 29 years with the club as a player and coach.
    Giggs joined United in 1987 as a 14-year-old and went on to make more than 1,000 first-team appearances in all competitions after his debut in 1991 before becoming the club’s assistant manager.
    During his playing career, Giggs won the Premier League title on 13 occasions, four FA Cups, four League Cups, nine Community Shields, a pair of Champions League crowns, a UEFA Super Cup, an Intercontinental Cup and a FIFA Club World Cup.
    He spent a brief spell as interim player-manager in 2014 after the dismissal of David Moyes and then took on an assistant manager role under Louis van Gaal after retiring from the playing ranks.

    Sky Sports News reported last month that Giggs was keen to become a manager in his own right and he confirmed that in an open letter to supporters on Saturday.
    New United boss Jose Mourinho was prepared to offer Giggs a role in his new-look coaching staff but it would not have been as assistant, with Rui Faria set to take up that role

    Bomb scare: Soldiers, policemen guard Computer Village

    No fewer than 100 soldiers and police officers were on Saturday evening sighted keeping watch at Nigeria’s largest computer market, the Computer Village in Ikeja, Lagos State.
    SUNDAY PUNCH learnt that the Acting Inspector General of Police, Mr. Ibrahim Idris, ordered the deployment of the security personnel after the Department of State Services uncovered a plot, on Friday night, to bomb the market.
    “The number of soldiers and police officers within and outside the market has risen from about 50 in number on Saturday morning, to more than 100 by this (Saturday) evening,” a trader said told our correspondent  on phone.

    The trader, who simply identified himself as Nonso, however, said that the presence of the soldiers had led to the harassment of passers-by, traders and unsuspecting customers, as well as threats of arrests from the security agents.
    “With these harassments and threats by the soldiers and police officers, the roads around the market suddenly became calm, when compared to other Saturdays, and most of us were forced to close shop as early as 2pm today,” he said.
    Meanwhile, some members of the traders’ union –  the Computer and Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria – told our correspondent that the presence of the security agents had restored normalcy to the market after the bomb scare.
    “Although they might have been aggressive in their approach, we are very happy now that there is no more fear and tension in the market. Everyone is going about his or her normal duties,” a presidential candidate in CAPDAN’s July 12 election, Mr. Ahmed Ojikutu, said.
    He said the traders had also secured the services of special security groups, who were familiar with the market terrain, to assist in guarding the market.
    “Aside the presence of vigilance and special security groups, the police have also made available sniffer dogs and armoured tanks to aid in surveillance activities around the market and environs,” Ojikutu added.
    Also, the Secretary of CAPDAN’s Electoral Committee, Mr. Okogua Obasuyi, said that seven persons had been arrested in connection with the plot to bomb the market.
    A statement from the DSS had read, “Sequel to increasing threat posed to public peace by the activities of the Independent People of Biafra, this Service arrested one Chidiebere Onwudiwe, a graduate of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering and known member of IPOB, on June 22, 2016.
    “Onwudiwe and his associates, within and outside the country, were planning to carry out coordinated attacks against religious bodies/edifices, police checkpoints and the Computer Village in Ikeja, Lagos State, with Improvised Explosive devices. The suspect was apprehended while making logistics supplies for their nefarious plan.”

    source ; punch

    Germany Beat Italy In Euro 2016 Quarter Final

    Germany had to endure a long stretch of penalties as they defeated Italy 6-5 in the third quarter final match of the Euro 2016 championship.
             Germany, Italy, Euro 2016
    The game had ended 1-1 after 120 minutes of football.
    Mesut Ozil broke the deadlock in the second half but the Germans’ lead lasted few minutes as Jerome Boateng’s handball in the box gave Italy a penalty which was well converted by Leonardo Bonucci.
    The quality of their penalties were, however, not particularly good.
    Thomas Mueller, Mesut Oezil and Bastian Schweinsteiger all missed for Germany while Simone Zaza, Graziano Pelle, Leonardo Bonucci and Matteo Darmian missed for Italy.
    Germany goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer, who was voted Man of the Match, said; “I have never experienced a shoot-out like this. I think most of the Italians just aimed into the middle.
    “The 1-1 score we conceded during regular time was a bit unlucky. But I believe we were the better side and are deservedly through to the semi-finals.”
    The total of 18 penalties ties the record for most penalties taken in a Euro penalty shootout.
    The record was set in 1980 when Italy also lost 8-9 to Czechoslovakia in the 3rd place play-off.

    Tuesday, June 14, 2016

    House Urges INEC to distribute outstanding pvcs

    This resolution followed the motion that was moved by Rep. Shadimu Mutiu, who expressed concern over the large number of Nigerians that were unable to get their voters’ cards before the 2015 elections.
    The House has urged the electoral body to also embark on a continuous registration of voters and distribution of voter’s cards.
    The motion was the referred to the Committees on Electoral and Political Party Matters and Legislative Compliance for further legislative input.

    source; Channels Tv

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016

    Sexual Issues and Solutions- Love Dr.

    Men don’t need a brain to ejaculate (because the order comes from the spinal cord).
    Which makes sense because most guys seem to be missing a lot of brain functions. Do you know that you can “break” a penis by twisting it violently while it’s erect? The male orgasm lasts about six seconds, whereas the female orgasm lasts about twenty-three seconds and the penis can actually shrink if it isn’t used enough.

    Hello Viewden, I got the Superhard from you last week and even though I’m hypertensive and diabetic, it didn’t give me any side effects whatsoever, no increased palpitations or increased heartbeat rate and I performed so well than I have done in the last twenty years. One of my friends whom we share the same health conditions said he got Manupand African Superman from you and that it did worked wonders. Can I also try out new products like that to see which one works best and suits my body perfectly well? Bada
    Well, all the other herbal aphrodisiac you have mentioned do work the same way in giving instant erection without giving any side effects even to men with health challenges and just like Superhard worked liked magic, so also will African Superman, Manup, and Boss Rhino gold work in giving hard erection on demand and you can try them out at different times.
    I’m about finishing the first  pack of  Prosolution pills and I’m supposed to use three packs in correcting early ejaculation and I can boldly say that I started noticing that I now last for about 20 mins in the 3rd week of usage, though I want to last for more than 30 to 40 minutes before ejaculation. I’d called several times but I was told Prosolution is out of stock and I’m having just 8 pills left. Please when will it be available? cos I was told to use the three packs back to back without leaving out a day to totally correct. – Ifeanyi
    Prosolution pills helps to correct early ejaculation and weak erection, but it has to be used for about 2 to 3 months without break and yes  Prosolution is now available though in limited quantity and you can place your order anytime while the stock last.
    I read one of your articles some years back about Kayanmata, a herbal range of products that help women to enjoy sex and hold the man down and the ones that also tightens the vagina and some for breast firming. I also inquired at the time and I was told it’s around six thousand five hundred Naira for each one. Are the products still available and the price the same?Yemi
    Yes, Kayanmata is known and commonly produced in the northern part of Nigeria to help women enjoy sex better, but there are several imported ones that perform the same function. There are variety of them, some called Sex sweetener –to make a woman very enjoyable to  a man and make him come for more, some are for tightening of vagina, some for breast firming etc. they come in cream, tablet forms, oils and even in soap forms , but they all do the same work. And yes the prices are still the same.
    I heard Extenze plus can enlarge the penis and at the same time help correct erectile dysfunction. Does it work like Vigrx plus, cos I have a friend who used Vigrx plus and got a good result in terms of enlargement of the penis. Can I give it a trial? Bayo
    There are numerous penis enlargement products in the market. It’s very important to note that the penis is an organ and cannot grow overnight or in two weeks. In most cases, result starts showing from the 7 to 9 the week of usage depending on the body type. Either Extenze plus or Vigrx plus is effective in enhancing this increment of the penis and also handle erectile dysfunction in men. If your original size after erection is about 3 to 4 inches, you might need to use a penis pump alongside these supplements for a faster result. You can settle for either Extenze plus or Vigrx plusor even the two depending on your budget.

    source; punch

    Sunday, May 1, 2016

    Buhari's reaction to herdsmen killings shocking-Soyinka

    Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, has criticized President Muhammadu Buhari for his reaction to increasing attacks and killings by herdsmen in several states in the country.
    Soyinka in an address to the National Conference on Culture and Tourism on Wednesday said he was shocked by the President’s claim that the attacks would soon be over.
    He added that comments made by the President and the government fell short of expectation and did not provide any reassurance for Nigerians.

    He said, “When I read a short while ago, the Presidential assurance to this nation that the current homicidal escalation between the cattle prowlers and farming communities would soon be over, I felt mortified.
    “He had the solution, he said. Cattle ranches were being set up, and in another 18 months, rustlings, destruction of livelihood and killings from herdsmen would be ‘a thing of the past’. Eighteen months, he assured the nation. I believe his Minister of Agriculture echoed that later, but with a less dispiriting time schema.
    “Neither, however, could be considered a message of solace and reassurance for the ordinary Nigerian farmer and the lengthening cast of victims, much less to an intending tourist to the Forest Retreat of Tinana in the Rivers, the Ikogosi Springs or the Moslem architectural heritage of the ancient city of Kano. In any case, the external tourists have less hazardous options.”
    The Nobel laureate, who said the signs were already clear and the rampage of impunity was already manifesting a cultic intensity of alarming proportions almost a year ago, noted that the current violence and killings by the herdsmen would among other things hurt tourism in the country.
    Despite the warning signs, he said the government failed to react with his attempt to utilise the Open Forum platform of the Centre for Culture and International Understanding, Oshogbo, to launch a national debate on the topic  – ‘Sacred cows or sacred rights’ almost a year ago also failing to take place.
    The plan had been to invite Buhari to give a keynote address at the event.
    The failure to react to the warning signs allowed the situation to degenerate beyond arbitrary violence, according to Soyinka.
    He said, “It is not merely arbitrary violence that reigns across the nation but total, undisputed impunity. Impunity evolves and becomes integrated in conduct when crime occurs and no legal, logical and moral response is offered. I have yet to hear this government articulate a firm policy of non-tolerance for the serial massacres have become the nation’s identification stamp.
    “I have not heard an order given that any cattle herders caught with sophisticated firearms be instantly disarmed, arrested, placed on trial, and his cattle confiscated.
    “The nation is treated to an eighteen-month optimistic plan which, to make matters worse, smacks of abject appeasement and encouragement of violence on innocents.
    “Let me repeat, and of course I only ask to be corrected if wrong: I have yet to encounter a terse, rigorous, soldierly and uncompromising language from this leadership, one that threatens a response to this unconscionable blood-letting that would make even Boko Haram repudiate its founding clerics.”
    Soyinka, who said herdsmen were perhaps humanity’s earliest known tourists, said they must be thought about the culture of settlement and “learn to seek accommodation with settled hosts wherever encountered”.
    “The leadership of any society cannot stand idly and offer solutions that implicitly deem the massacres of innocents mere incidents on the way to that learning school,” he warned.
    “For every crime, there is a punishment, for every violation, there must be restitution. The nomads of the world cannot place themselves above the law of settled humanity.”

    source: punch

    Uti Uwachukwu Blast some fans on social media over Tiwa Savage n TeeBillz


    The insensitivity, hypocrisy and down right judgemental attitude displayed about the Teebillz and Tiwa issue is utterly disgusting and extremely heart wrenching.
    First of I've overheard and read comments from different people having the audacity to actually Choose sides!!! WOW! Who made u Judge and Jury?! This is a Holy Matrimony we are talking about here. and you open up your mouths and say what ever u deem worthy to spill out ?! 'Oh Teebillz did dis and shouldn't do this. Tiwa did this and shouldn't do that. Bla bla Blaa!!!
    Then some of u make jokes! Memes! About the demise of someone's marriage ?!! You actually point fingers and call names and sadly some of you are laughing and rejoicing over this?
    You think it's okay to use this and express reasons why you are not married ? Really ?! BE SENSITIVE!!!! The thing about life is whatever you sow. U will reap!
    More disappointing is fellow entertainment Personalities actually adding salt to the open wounds!!! You guys should understand what's it like to go thru a public storm! Then let's see how funny or interesting this will be to you whn ur storm comes.
    To everyone reading this I dare say : This could be you!! Could be ur parents! Could be your Sister or Brother! .
    Did some of you even sit down to try and fathom what could possibly be going on in their heads right now ?! Their families? Yeh I know some of you will make uppity statements like this will never happen to me , I will never do this ! I won't try that. Not my family. God forbid!
    Well newsflash! Every single family will experience a 'God Forbid' incident whether they like it or not! It could be anything! We don't choose what happens to us or our family members. It just happens. And Trust me when I say this. NONE OF U WILL EVER KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO WALK IN THE SHOES OF TIWA OR TEEBILLZ. NONE!! So Hold your peace and discuss behind closed doors and air ur opinions in the privacy of ur spaces. Be SENSITIVE.
    Some have the effrontery to say they are making snide remarks and jokes because they are fans..fans.really?! Do u know what it means to be a fanatic?! It means love&support regardless of whatever happens.
    You should never kick anyone while they are down. Never !!! WHAT some of you don't know or have failed to realise is that the FAMILY/MARRIAGE INSTITUTION is under HEAVY ATTACK!! YES that's definitely the new strategy of the Devil! Recognise !!! So don't be so quick to rejoice over someone else's demise....BE SENSITIVE!
    Teebillz and Tiwa are personal and close friends of mine. Neighbours in 1004 since 2011. I watched the relationship blossom and even started teasing them about the Love before they went public with it. Now with the recent happenings my heart aches deeply. Every quiet moment I have away from work and play. I think of them and I do what people who claim they Love others do....I pray for both of them! Which is what I would implore and Beg you all reading this to Do. Let God heal. Let God comfort. Let HIS perfect will be done. Let God restore and compensate. Let both of them find Happiness Peace Love strength and Joy.
    NIGERIANS. AFRICANS please Have a heart and BE SENSITIVE Towards ALL PERSONAL ISSUES. YES Entertainers are public personalities but guess what. They hurt. They bleed . They cry. YES THEY ARE MADE OF FLESH AND BLOOD JUST LIKE YOU. Rejoicing over their sadness will not add an atom of success progress or Inner Joy to your lives. ...BE SENSITIVE!

    You know the good thing about storms? There's always a silver lining and the sunshine is always Next. God bless Tiwa and TeeBillz

    Source: Uti Uwachukwu

    Saturday, April 30, 2016

    My Marriage with Tee Billz is over- Tiwa Savage

    Finally, singer Tiwa Savage, has opened up to say her own side of the issues she has in her marriage.
    Earlier in the week, her husband, Tee Billz, had gone on a social media rant, accusing his wife of infidelity and so many other issues.
    But in an emotional  video interview with Pulse.ng.com, the singer revealed she had been miserable in her marriage for a long time.

    Tiwa said she didn’t really know about what her husband had said online but what mattered to her most was that he should be found alive because he was suicidal.
    “I just wanted him to be found and make sure he was okay. I couldn’t respond to anything because I didn’t know the extent of what he had said because somebody had actually taken my phone away because they didn’t want me to see what was said online. I was just scared for his life, I was just panicking.  We were in my bedroom, It was around 11am that Banky’s mum came and we were praying. I know his family in LA were praying as well. We got the call that he was found on Lekki Bridge and he was brought to Banky’s house.”
    Tiwa, who said there had been crack in the marriage for a long time, also said she had been covering up in order for the public not to know the issues in her marriage.
    “I knew our anniversary was coming. For the past two  months, Tee J (as he is also called) and I have not been together and I knew this marriage wasn’t going to work. It has been like that. I didn’t know if I should post (about the anniversary) and keep up appearances and I didn’t know if I shouldn’t post and face reality.
    “I have not spoken to him for a week, he had left the house. We were supposed to get some documents for my son. We were supposed to get his passport. I was calling him on Sunday because the interview was on Monday. He was reading the messages and he wasn’t responding.  I even told him we should try and be friends for our son’s sake and keep whatever is happening between us away from our son. He didn’t respond,  I left it.”
    Tiwa said she realised her marriage was over when she lost her pregnancy recently and her husband didn’t care about her health.
    “I have covered up for a lot of hurt in our relationship. I was in Jamaica recently and just before then, I found out I was pregnant again and we discussed it and we were trying to find out how we would manage the situation. That morning, I was supposed to do the shoot, I started bleeding uncontrollably. I panicked and I called him. I took pictures and sent to him. I passed out and I was rushed to hospital. I had complications. I tried to reach him and I couldn’t get him. I was discharged from the hospital and I still tried to reach him, he didn’t call to find out what happened.
    “I got back to Nigeria, I was sleeping and somebody was calling him. He saved the number as ‘Edible caterer’, I wondered why a catering service would be calling him at 2am. As a woman, I picked it up and I went though his phone and I saw a long whatsapp conversation with the same person that has the number saying ‘can we meet at the hotel?’  The last message I saw was that she said ‘I had to leave at 7am, you were sleeping when I left. He responded with ‘wow, because you knocked me out last night. It was a great night’.
    “ I woke him up and I asked him what was going on. I asked him if this happened on our bed, he said it was in a hotel. I asked him if he took another woman to a hotel and he said yes but nothing happened that they were chilling. He wanted me to believe that. The thing that hurt me most was that this happened when I was in Jamaica and I was in the hospital. He was busy in a hotel while I was in a hospital and he couldn’t find out what happened to me. At this point, I packed my stuff and took my son and went to my friend’s house. She asked me what is the next step and I told her I was done.”
    Tiwa said she had to sack him as her manager because he was stealing from her.
    “I will never deny that he hustle d and worked hard for me. Our policy is that you don’t go for event until you are paid in full. He booked me for a show in London and I was already in London. I called the accountant to find out if the people had paid and he said no. I called Tee J and I told him they had not paid and he said I should go ahead and perform. So I pulled the guy aside and asked him what was happening  as per payment and he asked me what I  was  talking about that they had paid about four months ago and they paid into Tee J’s personal account. They even paid more than what Tee J declared. He didn’t feel anything, he was stealing from his wife. He didn’t see it as stealing. I had to perform at the wedding for free.”
    Concerning the allegation that she had slept with some musicians including Don Jazzy, Dr. Sid and Tuface, Tiwa swore she was never unfaithful to her husband.
    “I will say for the records, I have never cheated on my husband, NEVER! Not with Don Jazzy, Tuface, Dr. Sid, not with anybody and I am willing to take a lie detector test for this. He knows this is true.
     “It is not my fault that he has been struggling financially. But he messed up, he started stealing from me. I wanted to save my marriage and I had to separate business from family. He wants to live a life that is not true. He went to buy a Mercedes that he didn’t have the money for. He paid for it in part and I ended up paying the balance because the owner of the car was calling. I didn’t want people to look down on my man. I wanted people to feel that my husband is taking care of me. I put the money in his account so that people would think he paid for things but he went and bought a Rolex watch and he still didn’t pay for the car. People were always threatening me because of his debts. I would always find a way to find money to pay up the debts, he was clubbing and spending money on drinks and he would leave the tab and they will call me and I will pay.”

    Source: Punch

    Friday, April 29, 2016

    Ten Safety Tips when driving in the Rain

    The Federal Road Safety Corps has reminded all motorists and other road users to be cautious on the roads as the rainy season has set in.
    This is to ensure sanity on the highways during the season even as the Corps also harps on the need for strict compliance with traffic rules and regulations among road users especially during this period.

    According to the FRSC’s Public Education Officer, Corps Commander Imoh Etuk, the corps was concerned over the attitude of many drivers.
    However, here are a few tips to drive safely during this period according to wikiHow;
    1. Keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times!
    Keep all distractions, such as cell phones or even the radio, off and away from you. While focus to your front do Take a Look in Back View Mirror as well Right Hand side & Left Hand side so that you get an 360 degree over view what is happening around any mud slide or falling tree, electric pole, hanging electrical wires , or in coming hazard etc
    2. Turn on your headlights.
    This will make it easier for you to see what is in front of you; thus, preventing any accidents.
    3. Keep a minimum of a good five car length from the car in front of you.
    You never know what other drivers are going to do or what could happen to you! If that feels too close or too far a rule of thumb is 1 second of following distance per 10 mph (16 km/h). That holds true especially in bad weather.
    4. Drive at or below the speed limit.
    To the extent that you are comfortable with, and can see far enough in front of you to appropriately make driving decisions.
    5. Be aware that the maximum speed at which you can drive is DIRECTLY related to your tires.
    Be sure to know the condition of your tyres. Radial tires have better traction than the old bias ply polyester tires, but even they lose their ability to grip wet pavement and channel water out as the tread wears out.
    6. Be aware of hydroplaning.
    This is where your vehicle travels on top of the water and has NO or very little contact with the ground. Your traction is reduced significantly. To safely get out of a hydroplaning situation let off the gas and steer straight or slightly in the direction you must go. Do not make sudden motions and remain calm.
    7. Avoid flooded roads.
    Never drive through standing or flowing water in a road way unless you have no choice or you are able to follow someone else to judge the depth of the water. Flooding the engine of your car can cause the engine to stall, and deep water can actually float your car and take it off the roadway.
    8. Turn on the defroster if the windshield begins to fog.
    In hot, muggy weather, air conditioned air (which cannot contain as much moisture) will usually clear the inside of the windshield faster than non air conditioned.
    9. Be aware that brakes can be affected by water.
    Wet drum type brakes are especially prone to decreased stopping power after driving through deep water.
    10. Watch for splashing from potholes and pools of water that accumulate at clogged storm drain pipes and low areas of the pavement.
    Highways also develop “ruts” where the heaviest traffic tracks, and you may be able to position your vehicle while remaining in your lane to avoid these.

    Source: Punchng

    Wednesday, April 27, 2016

    New Minimum Wage: Labour Unions Demand 56,000 Naira

    Labour unions and the new minimum wage
    The unions made the proposal at a press conference held on Wednesday in Abuja, the nation’s capital.
    The President of the NLC, Mr Ayuba Wabba, told reporters that the unions made the formal demand on the proposed national minimum wage to the Federal Government on Tuesday.
    The current national minimum wage is 18, 000 Naira.
    “I can say now authoritatively that as of yesterday (Tuesday) we made a formal proposal to the Federal Government of 56,000 Naira to be the new minimum wage.
    “The demand has been submitted officially to the government and we hope that the tripartite system to look at the review will actually be put set up to look at it.
    “Our argument is that, yes, it is true that the economy is not doing well, but the law stated that wages for workers must be reviewed after every five years.
    “So, the issue must be looked into by the Federal Government and workers should not be seen as sleeping on their rights,” he said.
    ‘Long Overdue’
    The NLC President further told the conference that the last review of the national minimum wage was done in 2011 and that the setting up of a tripartite committee to review the newly proposed national minimum wage was long overdue.
    He urged the government to set up the committee to the review the minimum wage, with their proposal in mind.
    According to him, the representatives of the unions and the government could only fashion out the negotiation process at a roundtable.
    He pointed out that the proposed minimum wage would ensure that no worker earned below what could sustain him or her in a month.
    “You also know that when we negotiated the 18,000 Naira minimum wage, the value in terms of exchange rate at that time was almost at 110 Naira to the dollar.
    “But as at today, the value of the Naira to the dollar has been reduced; and there are the issues of inflation and purchasing power, among others to contend with.
    “So, it also about the law of the review of the wage, the law envisaged that within a circle of five years, there must be a review,” Mr Wabba stressed.
    The unions demand is coming at a period the scarcity of petrol and other forex related issues have affected economic activities and had pushed inflation up, reducing the value of the Naira.
    Nigerian workers are also preparing to mark the next Workers Day on May 1.

    Source: Channels Tv

    We will fix lago-ibadan expressway despite court injunction

    Funding for the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway is captured in the 2016 budget and the road will be constructed despite court injunctions against its further development, the Federal Government has said.
    It argued that the development of the country and the lives of the citizens should not be held in abeyance because of a court case or injunctions.

    The Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, who disclosed this in Abuja on Tuesday, also noted that the Federal Government would pay more attention to developing roads that carried heavy vehicular traffic across once the budget was signed into law.
    When asked if the government would consider giving out the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway to a new concessionaire, Fashola stated that the funding for constructing the road had already been captured in the 2016 budget.
    He said, “The Lagos-Ibadan road as you know is now the subject of a court case. Injunctions have been obtained to stop the arrangement put in by the last administration to finance the road with the private sector. And an injunction was granted by a court in Nigeria saying that nobody should raise money or finance the development of the road.
    “Thankfully, there’s no injunction against the government building its road yet, and I hope there will be none. So, the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway is part of what we put in the budget this year. However, I got a message last night (Monday) from one of the lawyers suggesting to me that the action has been dismissed. But this was late last night. So, these are some of the problems that we see, when people write and get court orders to stop development.
    “At the end of the day, in a contract, the main remedy that the law recognises is damages for breach of contract; of course, you know I am a lawyer. But why should the developmental process of Nigeria and the lives of Nigerians be held in abeyance because you are in court?”
    Fashola reiterated that the amount needed to complete the over 200 roads that had been awarded was about N2tn, adding that the government would make sure that every road get some level of attention.
    He said, “The strategy I recommend is let’s take the roads that carry the heaviest traffic and phase them. Phase one should be done this year and finished or taken to near completion. Next year, phase two; third year, phase three; and in each phase, let us ensure that at least every geopolitical zone of the country gets something.
    “But there are some roads that are more compelling than others, and my classic case is the Ilorin-Jebba road. That road is the lifeline for agriculture as it ensures a lot of supply between the North and the South. So, our stand is to focus on those kind of roads that carry the heaviest number of vehicles and that carry critical services, which other departments rely on to survive.”
    On whether the government would fund road construction strictly from the budget, the minister said, “Essentially, we can do most of those roads because we proposed a budget of N433bn for the three combined ministries. And our plan is to use N68bn for roads, N99bn for power and N66bn for housing.”
    This is just as a Federal High Court in Lagos on Monday rejected the prayer by the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice to dismiss a suit filed by Bi-Courtney Highway Services Limited seeking to halt the rehabilitation of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.
    Bi-Courtney had filed the suit in 2012 to challenge the termination of the concession contract awarded to it by the Federal Government for the construction of the road.
    The company contended that the fresh concession purportedly granted to Motorway Assets Limited through The Infrastructure Bank did not go through any due process.
    The AGF had on November 3, 2015 filed a notice of preliminary objection challenging Bi-Courtney’s locus standi to file the suit.
    source; punch

    Tuesday, April 26, 2016

    Review: HTC gets back in the game with its latest Android smartphone

    When HTC released its One M7 in 2013, it not only proved that makers of Android smartphones could create phones that were as beautiful as Apple’s, it also pushed competitors like Samsung and LG to finally build handsets that weren’t made of creaky plastic.
    But with the phones it released since then, HTC seemed to stop innovating, and it quickly fell behind the competition.
    Which brings us to the new HTC 10. Available for preorder for $700 and on sale in early May, the 10 is the handset that HTC hopes will win you over again and make you forget about Apple’s iPhone 6s and Samsung’s Galaxy S7.
    Sporting a sleek new look and packing a vastly improved 12-megapixel camera, the 10 stands a fair chance of doing just that.

    Design and size

    When HTC unveiled its One M9 last year, the company took a lot of heat for failing to make any meaningful changes to the handset’s design. It was as if HTC simply copied and pasted the plans from 2014’s M8, made a few small tweaks, and called it a day. Worse still, the M8 itself was essentially a carbon copy of HTC’s One M7.

    Thankfully, the company seems to have woken up when designing its HTC 10.
    Like its predecessors, the 10 is built on an all-aluminum body. But while it pays clear homage to the One M7, the 10 is no clone.
    Sporting embellished chamfered edges that beautifully reflect light and a rounded camera lens, the 10′s futuristic exterior easily makes it one of the most attractive phones around.
    Up front, HTC got rid of the dual front-mounted Boom Sound speakers found on the M7, M8, and M9 and instead coated the 10’s face with an edge-to-edge glass panel that gives the phone a cleaner look. (It also happens to ape Apple’s iPhone 6s.)
    Boom Sound isn’t gone, though: HTC moved the speaker previously located below the phone’s display to its bottom edge. The top speaker, meanwhile, has been redesigned to look like a traditional phone speaker.
    Because of its contoured back, the HTC 10 tends to look bulky next to the likes of the Galaxy S7, but it’s really not. Measuring 5.7 x 2.8 x 0.35 inches, the 10 is in fact taller, wider, and thicker than the S7 (5.6 x 2.7 x 0.31 inches), but only by the slimmest of margins.
    Nonetheless, the 10 is significantly bigger than the iPhone 6s (4.4 x 2.6 x 0.28 inches), but that’s because the 10 has a 5.2-inch display, compared with the iPhone’s 4.7-inch panel.
    HTC’s designers failed to keep up with the competition in one significant way. Samsung introduced waterproofing with its Galaxy S7, promising that the handset can survive in up to three feet of water for 30 minutes. HTC says the 10 can easily shake off getting a glass of water spilled on it, but that’s not quite the same thing. I’d rather know my phone can take a dip and keep on ticking without issue.

    A good, not great, screen

    The HTC 10’s 5.2-inch display packs a 2560 x 1440 resolution. By comparison, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 rocks a 5.1-inch panel with that same resolution, while Apple’s iPhone 6s has a 4.7-inch, 1334 x 750 resolution screen.
    Source: YahooTech

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