Saturday, January 16, 2016

Wizkid and Dammy Krane Clash at Quilox Club

The Beef between Dammy Krane and Wizkid finally came to a head this morning, as both men got into a very physical confrontation at Club Quilox. Our correspondent on ground caught every minute of the showdown, and provided this timeline of events.

12:01 AM: Dammy Krane walks into Quilox with chants of "Street ti takeover" retnting the air

12:09 AM: Dammy Krane makes his way to a table occupied by Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa, Timaya, and Nigerian Football star, Obafemi Martins

12:15 AM: They order champagne and start popping. The Club is turnt. Everything is Lit.

1:03 AM: Wizkid and his entourage drive into the Quilox Paarking lot

1:08 AM: A Jincheng okada parks in front of Quilox. Vic O is in the building

1:13 AM: Wizkid and his entourage walk into Quilox to shouts of "Wizzy baby!" "Omo Jaye Jaye!" "Baba Nla"

1:13 AM: Dammy Krane hears people shouting "Baba Nla" and immediately figures Wizkid is in the building. He tells Timaya "I came up with Baba Nla"

1:14 AM: Timaya tells him to shut the hell up and drink some champagne

1:18 AM: Wizkid and his entourage settle at a table not far away from Dammy krane's and order champagne. At this point, both men are yet to see eye to eye

1:44 AM: Wizkid stands up and heads to the bar

1:45 AM: Vic O tries to get on stage to do a song. Shina Peller (owner of Quilox) disagrees and throws him out

1:47 AM: Wizkid, armed with a cup of Vodka he just obtained from the bar, walks towards Dammy Krane's table

*this was when things really went South*

1:48 AM: Timaya alerts Dammy Krane of Wizkid's approach. Too Late....

1:48 AM: Wizkid, from about 4 ft away, throws the cup of vodka at Dammy Krane.....

1:48 AM: Timaya and Obafemi Martins duck under the table.

1:48 AM: Vic O tries to be a hero. Jumps to intercept the cup and take a hit for Dammy Krane. lands somewhere else

1:48 AM: Cup hits Dammy Krane square on the forehead. He is cut open. Blood Everywhere

1:49 AM: An Infuriated Dammy Krane flings the bottle of champagne at Wizkid, who dodges it. Bottle hits the wall and explodes.

1:49 AM: Obafemi is mad at Dammy krane for throwing away their drink. Says next bottle is on him

1:51 AM: At this point, it's a free for all. Bottles flying about, cups, champagne buckets. Dammy Krane and Wizkid wrestling in the centre of the Club. Others taking sides around them and punching each other. Timaya and Obafemi still under the table. Vic O sneaks back into the club.

1:53 AM: In the midst of the melee, Vic O creeps onto the stage and is about to start singing 'Look Uche Face' when a bottle hits him on the head and he passes out.

*at this point, things are brought under control*

1:55 AM: Security operatives come into the bar and calm the situation. Wizkid and Dammy krane are ushered to separate locations and given stern talkings-to by Shina Peller.

2:01 AM: Wizkid and Dammy Krane come back into the club, and apologize to each other

2:05 AM: Both men hug each other to rapturous applause.

2:10 AM: A toast is made, and both men clink glasses. A Mash up of Expensive  Shit and My Dear blasts on the speakers.

5:00 AM: Vic O wakes up to an empty clubhouse. Performs Look Uche face to the cleaners. Gets hit with a mop. Faints again

Friday, January 15, 2016

Walmart to close 269 stores worldwide

Walmart said Friday that it will close 269 stores globally, including shutting down its fleet of 102 'Express' format stores in the U.S.

Walmart (WMT) will close 269 stores around the world in a strategic move to focus more on its supercenters and e-commerce business, the company said Friday.

The closures include 154 U.S. locations, encompassing Walmart's entire fleet of 102 "Express" format stores, its smallest stores, which have been in pilot testing since 2011. Some supercenters, Sam's Club locations and Neighborhood Markets will also close, plus 115 stores in Latin American markets. The closures were decided based on financial performance and how well the locations fit with Walmart's broader strategy, says Greg Hitt, a company spokesman.


Macy's announces layoffs, lists 36 store closures

Walmart has been working aggressively to grow its e-commerce presence and digital services, plus upgrade stores and provide shoppers with a more pleasant experience. In that vein, the company has also been making a big push to increase wages and provide more training to employees, an effort that's costing more than $1 billion.

The store closures, which represent less than 1% of global revenue from Walmart's nearly 11,600 stores worldwide, will allow the retailer to step up its digital and in-store initiatives, Hitt says. The full list of stores closing, set to be completed over the next two weeks, is on Walmart's website.

In a statement, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said the company is "committed to growing, but we are being disciplined about it." Walmart plans to open more than 300 stores in the coming fiscal year.

In addition to its supercenters and e-commerce initiatives, Walmart also plans to invest more in its Neighborhood Market format, smaller stores that are around 38,000 square feet and concentrated in fresh grocery items and pharmacy services, plus expand in-store pick-up services for online orders.

Around 16,000 store associates are affected by the store closures, with about 10,000 in the U.S. Some will have the opportunity to relocate to other Walmart stores. The rest will receive 60 days pay plus severance if eligible, the company said.


Finish Line to close 150 stores amid falling sales, names new CEO

The news comes as other retailers have announced store closures recently in order to stay competitive in a changing retail landscape. Finish Line said last week that it would close 150 stores after reporting a third-quarter loss. Macy's also said last week that it plans to close 36 stores and eliminate more than 4,500 positions in a bid to become a more nimble business.


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Guidelines for Transfer of Registered Voters


A Nigerian has the right to live in any part of the country. An important part of voter registration is that an eligible person is advised to register at a centre nearest to him or her within the Ward  in which he or she resides. This is to make it easy for the voter to access the polling unit and vote on election day.
However, a person who relocated to another place, outside the constituency in which he registered cannot vote in his new location unless he transfers his registration. Section 13 of the Electoral Act 2010 as Amended provides for Transfer of Registered Voters.

Procedure for Transfer:-
–         Step 1-
–         The person who intends to transfer his registration will write an application to  INEC’s Resident Electoral Commissioner of the State  where he is currently residing.
–         Step 2-
–         The applicant will attach his voters card to the application.
–         Step 3-
–         The applicant must apply to the Resident Electoral Commissioner not later than 30 days before the date of an election in the constituency where he is residing.
–         Step 4-
–         The Resident Electoral Commissioner will direct the Electoral Officer of the applicants Local Government Area to enter his name  in the transferred voters list.
–         Step 5-
–         The Electoral Officer will assign the applicant to a polling unit in his constituency.

–         Step 6-
–         The Electoral Officer will issue the applicant with a new voters card

–         Step 7-
–         The Electoral officer will retrieve the applicants previous voters card

–         Step 8-
–          He will then send a copy of the entry to the Electoral officer of the constituency where the person whose name has been so entered was originally registered.

–         Step 9-
–          Upon receipt of this entry, that Electoral Officer shall delete the name from his voters list.
–         Note- Apart from  State Headquarters Offices of INEC, applicants can also submit their applications at the INEC Office in their Local Government Areas. The applications will be forwarded to the Resident Electoral Commissioner for necessary action.

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