Tuesday, October 20, 2015

400-YEAR Old Church Emerge From Receding Water

No biggie, but a Colonial-era church has emerged from receding waters in Mexico.

Leonel Mendoza fishes every day in a reservoir surrounded by forest and mountains in the southern Mexico state of Chiapas.

But in recent days, he has been ferrying curious passengers out to see the remains of a colonial-era church that has emerged from the receding waters.

Pretty impressive, right?

A drought this year means the level of the Grijalva River, which flows into the Nezahualcoyotl reservoir, has dropped by 25 meters (82 feet).

It is the second time a drop in the reservoir has revealed the church since it was flooded when the dam was completed in 1966. In 2002, the water was so low visitors could walk inside the church.

‘The people celebrated. They came to eat, to hang out, to do business. I sold them fried fish. They did processions around the church,’ Mendoza recalled.

The church near Quechula was built by a group of monks headed by Friar Bartolome de la Casas, who arrived in the region inhabited by the Zoque people in the mid-16th century.

The church is 61 meters (183 feet) long and 14 meters (42 feet) wide, with walls rising 10 meters (30 feet).

The bell tower reaches 16 meters (48 feet) above the ground.

‘The church was abandoned due the big plagues of 1773-1776,’ said architect Carlos Navarete, who worked with Mexican authorities on a report about the structure.

It depended on the nearby monastery of Tecpatan, founded in 1564. Navarrete believes that based on architectural similarities, it is the work of the same builder at very nearly the same time.

Its importance was derived from its location on the King’s Highway, a road designed by Spanish conquistadors and still in use until the 20th century.

‘At that time we still found the wood from the chorus loft and the roof beams,’ he said. ‘Also a large ossuary of the victims of the plague that depopulated the area.’

‘It was a church built thinking that this could be a great population center, but it never achieved that,’ Navarrete said."

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The War between Iconic Emeka Ike and Segun Arinze

The war between iconic actors Segun Arinze and Emeka Ike seems to have no end in sight. In a recent interview, Arinze had said Ike should stop embarrassing the Actors Guild of Nigeria by parading himself as its president.

According to Segun:

‘Emeka should grow up. As far as I am concerned, Ibinabo Fiberesima is the bonafide president. Even in the recent judgement that came out recently telling us to return to the status quo, what does it mean? We were told to go back to the way we were. There was no time Emeka Ike was pronounced the president of AGN. Let him bring out the copy of
the judgement and show us if he is man enough. He should wake up and stop embarrassing the guild.”

Well, these words did not go down well with Ike who believes Segun Arinze “is an illiterate who should have been in jail.” He told Saturday Beats:

“I heard Segun Arinze was interviewed and he said so many things about me and nobody asked me for my own side. I don’t think it was a balanced report.

Segun Arinze did not say anything meaningful, he was just cursing himself. That is not how to handle legal matters.
In legal matters, we take things from the law’s point of view. Segun that is talking to the journalist is supposed to be behind bars because he committed a crime that should have sent him to jail.

There was an order that he violated by bringing in Ibinabo as the president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria. I have been saying this since. That is why Ibinabo’s tenure was called ‘contentious.’

Why should we the educated people allow market people to talk? I am a very cerebral person and I don’t deal with men who cannot read and do not understand the legalities of the paper they have in their hand. I cannot be trading words with a common street boy because if you did not go to school, you cannot understand some legal issues. So, he cannot assess the judgement of the court of law.”

Meanwhile, the actor who is currently going through a divorce case with his wife, Suzzane, said that contrary to reports that made rounds early in the week, he and his wife have yet to reconcile. He told Saturday Beats that his wife never came to their house to beg him. He however said they are still making reconciliatory moves.

“I don’t know who put up the post. I don’t know if she was the one that sponsored the post or some of her friends. I am trying to know the source because those pictures were taken when we went on holidays in Florida. They were taken as far back as 2010. I don’t know why someone would just wake up and cook up some story from his laptop.

I have been quiet since the report came out because I do not know where it emanated from. I don’t know if it is coming from her and maybe she is trying to make a soft landing. I just kept quiet and I have been very objective on the matter. We are not back together but we are making moves to see if things can work out,” he said.

- See more at: http://codedgist.com/gist/emeka-ike-denies-reports-he-rants-that-segun-arinze-should-be-in-jail/#sthash.7WbjS9LG.dpuf

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Morale High as 5000 Soldiers get Promotion

Nigerian Soldiers
The Nigerian Army has approved the promotion of 5,000 soldiers fighting Boko Haram insurgents in the North-East and others involved in similar operations, as part of steps to boost their morale.
The Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, made the announcement on Monday in Abuja, at the opening of the 2015 Chief of Army Staff Third Quarter Conference, held at the Army Headquarters Conference Hall.
Buratai said the promotion of the soldiers was one of the many measures introduced by the Army under his command to boost troops’ morale and reposition its operations.
He added that it was also in line with the vision of the Army command to reward gallant troops in any way deemed fit to boost their combat readiness and willingness to serve their fatherland.
He said that troops serving in the North-East and in other operations in the country would regularly receive rewards from the Army’s high command for their selfless service to the nation.
The COAS said, “Since we came on board, we have introduced several measures aimed at encouraging our troops to give their best in the service of their nation.
“The approval of the accelerated promotion of 5,000 soldiers was to redeem the promise made by my predecessor to the troops fighting insurgents in the North-East.
“It is my belief that this promotion, coupled with other incentives, will encourage our troops to fight for our country.’’
Buratai said that the Army, under his watch, had recorded major successes in the fight against insurgency as well as improved on its human rights credentials and the welfare of troops.
He said that his vision of entrenching professionalism and bequeathing a combat ready Army to the nation was on course as commanders and troops had been fully briefed to key into the vision.
He warned commanders and senior officers to guard against acts that could undermine efforts of the present administration to rebuild the image of the Army.
“You will all agree with me that the renewed breath of change flows directly from the President in his directive to our operations and other directive on his vision for the Army.
“I therefore demand that you all react with corresponding appropriateness with regard to the directive because majority of our requirements within the limited period has been provided for,” he said.
The COAS gave all Army officers and soldiers December 15, 2015 deadline to shape up or face the medical board for the appropriate disciplinary actions.
Meanwhile Buratai has said that the military was still searching for the over 200 secondary schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram from the Government Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State, on April 14, 2014.
He said that the troops had been engrossed in the operation to flush out the insurgents in order to free the Chibok girls from captivity, saying he believed the abducted girls could still be in the forest within the shores of the country.
He added that the Nigerian Air Force and other security agencies, including the Department of State Services, were all involved in the efforts to track the abducted girls.
He said, “The issue of the Chibok girls is very crucial; we are making every effort to see that we clear the terrorists and rescue the girls in peace.
“Despite the progress that is occurring in the theatre of operation, we know that the girls are somewhere; we are suspecting that they are somewhere but we are not yet sure where they are.
“As soon as this is concluded, we will attempt to see what we can do to bring them back in peace. We will continue to work with the mandate of the President to end the insurgency.
“If we don’t see them, then, we can refocus more seriously on other areas. We still believe that the girls will be somewhere within the general area of the forest.”
Buratai assured Nigerians that the Sunday explosions in Maiduguri, Borno State, would be among the last few that would be counted before the end of insurgency in the country.
He said, “The blasts are among those that would be the last in this issue. We will start counting very few before we get to the end of this issue. We have knocked them off around Yobe and southern Borno.
“We believe it came out from the central; we are zeroing in on those areas. Immediately it happened, we gave a directive that we should comb the area thoroughly. We have knocked them off in northern Borno. The unfortunate incident is only giving us a lead as to where they are coming from. You can see that it has reduced drastically since we came on board.”
source: PUNCHNG

Police Nab Suspected Fake Recruitment Consultant

http://punch.cdn.ng/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Oladele-Ade-Jimoh-360x278.jpgA suspect, Mr. Isah Ade-Jimoh, who had allegedly been duping unsuspecting members of the public under the guise of recruiting them into the Nigeria Police Force, has been arrested by the Kwara State Police Command. Also arrested is one Ibrahim Oladele, who allegedly claimed to be a lecturer at the University of Ilorin. He was said to have duped an admission seeker, Mr. Olawuyi Olufemi, of N450,000. The new Kwara State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Esosa Amadesu, while parading the suspects on Monday in Ilorin, said Ade-Jimoh was arrested when a team of detectives from the command’s Special Investigation and Intelligence Bureau swooped on the suspect at a Cyber Café on Muritala Mohammed Way, Ilorin. He said, “The suspect had displayed a signpost advertising the sale of police recruitment forms. The suspect also advertised forms for the recruitment into the Nigerian Army. “In the course of searching the Cyber Café, the detectives recovered four printed fake police recruitment forms; one laptop; two central processing units; one monitor and two universal modems and other documents suspected to have been faked.” Amadesu urged that members of the public not to fall prey to fake recruitment syndicate, adding that the police would inform the people when they were ready to recruit the 10,000 personnel as directed by President Muhammadu Buhari. The CP further said while on intelligence gathering, the operatives arrested Oladele of the Tanke Akata area of Ilorin. He said the suspect had been allegedly defrauding unsuspecting admission seekers into universities and other tertiary institutions. “The news of his arrest attracted some of his victims among whom was one Olawuyi Olufemi of Offa Garage area, who the suspect had defrauded to the tune of N450,000 with the promise of securing him an admission at the University of Ilorin, where the suspect had claimed he was a lecturer,” Amadesu said. The CP also paraded other suspects for armed robbery, membership of unlawful confraternity and kidnapping. The CP said Oladele had confessed to the crime, adding that he and Ade-Jimoh, would soon be arraigned. Oladele said he engaged in the act to help people, adding that he would not be involved in admission racketeering again if he was set free. Ade-Jimoh said, “The recruitment forms were got a few months ago after we got the information that 10,000 police personnel were to be recruited.” While claiming that he was merely selling the forms, he, however, could not explain who authorised him to sell the forms. Source: Punchng

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

7 Shocking Prayer Points After Nigeria’s 2015 Elections

Checkout List of New Prayer Points:

1. May all your enemies fall like PDP
2. May the garment of poverty be destroyed just as Obj tore his PDP membership card
3. Let my enemies wear diapers till I become victorious like Fayose.
4. May the most corrupt people end corruption in our lives.
5. May we never be marginalised like the Yoruba's.
6. Your enemies shall concede defeat before the battle.
7. May fire burn all those who rigged and falsify your power to elect your leaders.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Nigerian wife files for divorce because her hubby's penis is 'too big'

This is why some people advise that we women should test before we buy. Aisha Dannupawa, a housewife and mother of three, asked a court in Zamfara to dissolve her marriage to new husband Ali Maizinari after just one week of marriage. Why, you ask? Well, she told the courts that his penis was so big that their first attempt at sex as a couple left her traumatized.
"When he came, we had sex but the experience was a nightmare. Instead of enjoying the sex, it turned out to be something else, because his penis was too big.' she saidAfter their first attempt, she took pain medication given to her by her mother who advised her to endure. However, when she and her hubby had sex again, it was 'too much to bear' and the couple concluded that no drug could help their sex life or their marriage. Her new husband decided that he was willing to set her free, allowing her dissolve their union but only if his dowry and money spent during his courtship with her was paid back.

To cut the long story short, their divorce was granted by a Judge after just a week of marriage in an Islamic Sharia court in Zamfara State.

Source: Linda Ikeji blog

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bin man in wealthy suburb jailed – for starting work too early

A bin man has been sentenced to 30 days in prison for collecting rubbish too early.

Kevin McGill, who works for Waste Management Inc, pleaded guilty to violating an ordinance in Sandy Springs, a famously wealthy suburb 15 miles north of Atlanta, which bans collections prior to 7am.

Mr McGill reported to a local prison at 6pm yesterday after opting to serve his time on weekends so that he is still able to work and support his wife and two children.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Satisfy Us In Bed Or Face Mass Divorce – Kaduna Women Protest Against Their Husbands

A group of women from the Rido community in Kaduna State, took to the streets on Wednesday, February 19, 2015 to publicly complain about their husband’s sexual weakness, asking that they start performing their matrimonial duties or face mass divorce.

The women, who were assembled at the NDA Junction in the state capital, blamed the Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company (KRPC) for their husband’s inability to perform as a result of the chemical waste and fumes from the company into their environment.

Speaking to newsmen during the protest, some of the  married women complained bitterly that some of the men in the Mararaba Rido community were impotent due to the toxic waste from the KRPC.

They revealed that their husbands suffer weak erection and infertility, while the women suffer miscarriage and other health complications.

A married woman, Jummai Isaac, 27, said she has not taken in since she got married in the year 2000.

“I haven’t conceived since I got married in the last fourteen years, and doctors have, on several occasions, confirmed to me absence of any known cause of inability to get pregnant.

Initially, doctors thought I had fibroid in my womb, but after several scans and some medical tests, they dispelled that notion.”

However, a community leader, Mohammed Bashar, explained that, “Most of the complaints could be associated with secondary infertility, because victims have, in the past, given birth to children before they suddenly stopped.

There was widespread belief that smoke and poisonous gases emitted from the refinery have reproductive health effect on people living in the area, but no medical report has confirmed the allegation due to inability of villagers to seek comprehensive medical tests, perhaps owing to lack of awareness and poverty.”

Source: TheTrent

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Reasons Why Ladies Like Sex But Pretend They Hate It In Relationships

Ladies are hypocrites when it comes to admitting the fact they like sex and they do it willingly. In fact, majority of them wouldn't want to be in a NO sex relationship yet they say "is sex love ?". Ladies are pretty good at hiding their feelings, desires and even what they derive maximum pleasure in

My research has shown that many ladies who are guilty of this act ladies are quick to anger especially in a thread like this will bash and rain curses on me. The truth is bitter they say

Sit down, relax and grab your bobo drink while we unveil the secrets behind their pretence when it comes to sex in relationships

Are you ready ?

Ooyah start eating your suya and drink your yoyo bitters as you read

When a lady knows that lying about being a virgin will definitely haunt her, she would resort to pretend about hating sex just to signal to you that she has only had it quite a few number of times

YES many ladies will never admit the fact that they willingly allowed their men to get under their skirts because they really wanted it, they are always like, he seriously disturbed and forced me so I couldn't help order than give it to him

I think they just feel they don't have to flaunt it. Guys have a tendency to make their sex life more public than girls; they consider it a point of pride, a confirmation of their manhood.

An average Nigerian lady will definitely want you to crawl on the floor begging her for sex because she sees it as a great favour and that your life depends on it Therefore, because she doesn't want to be seen cheap or desperate, she's most likely to pretend she doesn't want it even if she does

When you haven't gotten under the skirt of a lady, she will most likely hide her sexual feelings from you but when you have done the deed quite a number of times, she will not hide it anymore

If possible ladies will pretend that they not poo or urinate. Most dudes may be desirious of constant sex in a kind of back of the mind sort of way. It is just their way of getting through life. But to the ladies, since pretence runs their veins, they are mostly like to tell you they don't want it

Most of our ladies claim that sex is not a yardstick for true love yet these same ladies will dump you when you are too slow and refuse to do the needful. However, she might just say it just to test you, then it's over to you to show you smart you are, else you will get dumped

Most guys take advantage of ladies who are being sincere about loving sex and will not hesitate to turn them to intimacy gadget

In our society, ladies who openly seek and desire sex are branded as sluts and whores. It's acceptable for men to be horn-dogs and chase after everything in a skirt but if a woman does likewise, she'd be thought of negatively by the vast majority of people. Therefore she will deny she doesn't like it

Feel Free To Add Yours

Written by : Tosyne2much

Source : http://tosyne2much.blogspot.com

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Why women think about sex more often than men

Men talk and think alot about sex while women desire it more often. We explore the reasons… ‘Men think, while women desire.’ Gone are the days when ‘demanding sex’ was considered exclusively a man’s forte. Today women demand sex greater than men. And they have no qualms about getting vocal about it. “I read these funny E-mail forwards that stress on men begging for sex and women denying it. It sounds so funny to me. It’s totally the opposite in my case. While men can have a good laugh over it believing that this notion exists, I literally have to seduce my husband to get him hooked on to the act,” quips production assistant Megha Mehra. And she is not alone. Many girls/women had a similar story. We spoke to women from different backgrounds to figure out what is making them addicted to sex. It’s physically pleasurable Amongst all the other reasons to remain glued to sex, this is the most prominent one. Good sex satisfies your physical urge, which is very normal for anyone to experience. Psychologist Seema Naina opines, “Sex is the most basic need of any person. And I am increasingly getting cases where women are complaining that men are unable to satisfy their physical needs.” Creates positive feelings about oneself Ideally, great sex means you are enjoying the sexual act and participating equally. It makes you feel good about yourself, thus adding to your self esteem. Shares housewife Neelam Nehra, “When my husband comes back from a whole day at work and we have our sack session, it increases my self esteem. The very feeling that I am able to satisfy him is a great pleasure. And since I never want to go out of shape to look unappealing to my husband (and other men), it even acts as a motivation to work out and feel desirable.” Wondering why? “Sex has healing powers. It generates positive emotions and makes one feel more confident. When a woman sees her man passionate in the act, admiring her body and moves, it infuses a lot of good feelings within her,” opines psychologist Sunaina Bajaj. Brings them closer to their man

Source: NigeriaNewsDesk

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Christians in Niger Republic under attack by Islamic Insurgents

Both Nigerian and Niger Replican Christians re under attack by Islamic insurgents in the west African country of Niger. Churches re been destroyed and vandalised by the insurgents which lead to the killing of  Christians and worshippers. An I-witness confirmed this yesterday. 

A message from Nigeria's Foremost Missionary Pastor Mike Olajide of CAC FCCDCC 

Need Urgent prayer
Please pray for Christians in Niger Republic, Islamist are on
rampage in many towns in the country burning church buildings.
Please pray for the safety of our brothers and sisters as many of
them are confused not knowing where to hide with their family.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Man Arrested For Having 94 iPhones Strapped to His Body

A man tried to smuggle 94 iPhones from Hong Kong into China today was arrested today, January 13th 2015 by the Chinese Custom Officials.

According to The Chinese People Daily, The Officials apparently decided to search the man after they were given a tip-off that there was something amiss when they noticed he walked strangely.

His bags were first searched and they found nothing, they further searched his body and they found 94 iPhons strapped to his body.

The man’s Identity has been hidden, and it was alleged that he was bringing in the phones from Hong Kong where its cheaper to buy to sell in China.

Source- yabaleftonline

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ajimobi, Ladoja disagree over N500m EFCC refund

A former governor of Oyo State, councillorLadoja, Sourcethreatened to
sue the incumbent Governor, Abiola Ajimobi, for claiming that he
refunded N500m stolen money to the state coffers through the
Economic and Financial Crimes Commission as reported by a
national daily (not The Punch), on Monday.
A statement signed by Adeolu Adeleke, who is the Director General,
Senator Ladoja Campaign Organisation 2015, said the allegation
was made by Ajimobi while speaking with newsmen in Ibadan.
But the state governor, through the Secretary to the State
Government, Mr. Olalekan Alli, insisted that Ladoja indeed returned
the said amount as well as vehicles he allegedly procured with
graft proceeds to the state through the EFCC.
The statement by Adeleke read, “Our attention has been drawn to a
front page publication in a national daily, published on Monday,
January 12, 2015 captioned, ‘Ladoja Refunds N500m to EFCC.’ The
statement was credited to Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State in
a purported interview with reporters in Ibadan.
“This statement by Ajimobi is not only false, but a figment of his
imagination, deliberately targeted at rubbishing the credibility of
Ladoja. We boldly affirm that Ladoja at no time refunded any
amount to either the coffers of the EFCC or the Oyo State
Government, and there was no plea bargain of any sort between
Senator Ladoja and the EFCC. In the light of the above, Ladoja has
accordingly directed his lega team to institute a legal action
against Ajimobi for libel as soon as the courts are reopened.”
But on Tuesday, Ajimobi, through Alli said, “Ladoja’s denial of his
refund of Oyo State’s stolen loot is not only regrettable, but
lamentable. The general public will recall that in 2008, Ladoja was
embroiled in an allegation of theft of proceeds from shares
belonging to the state government, which he converted to personal
“He was subsequently arrested and detained by the EFCC. Ladoja
returned the sum of N500m to the EFCC which thereafter drew a
cheque later collected by the state government.”

Source: punchng

Vote Madam gold as councillor Olodo Area of Ibadan under AA
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Nigeria: 2,000 feared killed in Boko Haram's 'deadliest massacre' BAGA Town

Hundreds of bodies – too many to count – remain strewn in the bush in Nigeria from an Islamic extremist attack that Amnesty International described as the “deadliest massacre” in the history of Boko Haram.
Fighting continued on Friday around Baga, a town on the border with Chad where insurgents seized a key military base on 3 January and attacked again on Wednesday.
“Security forces have responded rapidly, and have deployed significant military assets and conducted air strikes against militant targets,” said a government spokesman.
victims are children, women and elderly people who could not run fast enough when insurgents drove into Baga, firing rocket-propelled grenades and assault rifles on town residents.
“The human carnage perpetrated by Boko Haram terrorists in Baga was enormous,” Muhammad Abba Gava, a spokesman for poorly armed civilians in a defence group that fights Boko Haram, told the Associated Press.
He said the civilian fighters gave up on trying to count all the bodies. “No one could attend to the corpses and even the seriously injured ones who may have died by now,” Gava said.
An Amnesty International statement said there are reports the town was razed and as many as 2,000 people killed.

If true, “this marks a disturbing and bloody escalation of Boko Haram’s ongoing onslaught,” said Daniel Eyre, Nigeriaresearcher for Amnesty International.
The previous bloodiest day in the uprising involved soldiers gunning down unarmed detainees freed in a 14 March 2014 attack on Giwa military barracks in Maiduguri city. Amnesty said then that satellite imagery indicated more than 600 people were killed that day.
The attacks come five weeks away from presidential elections which are likely to trigger even more bloodshed. Already under a state of emergency, the three north-eastern states worst hit by Boko Haram asked the central government for more troops earlier this week. The government has said voting will take place across Borno state although the worsening insecurity means few international observers are likely to get clearance to oversee voting in an area that is traditionally opposition-supporting.
Around 1.5 million people have been displaced by the violence, many of whom will not be able to vote in the polls under Nigeria’s current electoral laws.
Boko Haram also appears to be regionalising the conflict, after threatening neighbouring Cameroon in a video earlier this week.
The government has made no official comment on the alleged massacres. President Goodluck Jonathan skimmed security issues when he relaunched his re-election bid in front of thousands of cheering supporters in the economic capital, Lagos, on Thursday.
The five-year insurgency killed more than 10,000 people last year alone, according to the Washington-based Council on Foreign Relations. More than a million people are displaced inside Nigeria and hundreds of thousands have fled across its borders into Chad and Cameroon.
Emergency workers said this week they are having a hard time coping with scores of children separated from their parents in the chaos of Boko Haram’s increasingly frequent and deadly attacks.
Just seven children have been reunited with parents in Yola, capital of Adamawa state, where about 140 others have no idea if their families are alive or dead, said Sa’ad Bello, the coordinator of five refugee camps in Yola.
He said he was optimistic that more reunions will come as residents return to towns that the military has retaken from extremists in recent weeks.
Suleiman Dauda, 12, said he ran into the bushes with neighbours when extremists attacked his village, Askira Uba, near Yola last year.
“I saw them kill my father, they slaughtered him like a ram. And up until now I don’t know where my mother is,” he told the Associated Press at Daware refugee camp in Yola.
Source: The guardian

Friday, January 2, 2015

Jonathan, Abiara ask Nigerians to pray for 2015 polls

President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday felicitated with Nigerian Muslims as they commemorate the birth of Prophet MuMuhammad.

In a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati, the President urged Muslims to use the opportunity offered by the Eid-el-Maulud to offer special prayers for successful and peaceful elections in the country next month.

Also, the General Evangelist, Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Prophet Samuel Abiara, has appealed to politicians to embrace peace and avoid any act that could lead to violence ahead of the 2015 general elections.

The clergy, who spoke in Lagos during the crossover service, decried insecurity and economic decline as a result of falling oil prices.

He said, “We are deeply concerned over the continuous killing of the innocent people of Nigeria. The land is becoming polluted with their blood. This is a big challenge to all our past, present and future leaders. The Federal Government must direct all efforts and forces to fight and end terrorism permanently in the affected areas.

“As a matter of urgency, before the general elections, the Federal Government must find a lasting solution to these senseless killings. The Federal and state governments cannot afford to continue to expose their citizens to untimely and horrible death. God is not happy with this at all.

“The Federal Government must make sure the victims that were left homeless, fatherless, old and young people, widows and widower are well comforted and cared for.”

The cleric, however, encouraged Nigerians not to panic, saying God would intervene to restore the country. He also appealed to Nigerians to be cautious of who to vote.

Abiara advised politicians to take a cue from political trends all over the world where winners and losers accept the outcome of elections in good faith.
Source: Punchng, @Olabluetooth

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