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NASA Finds Message From God on Mars

NASA announced today that its Curiosity Rover has found an unambiguous message from God written on tablets in a Martian cave.
According to an official press release two giant stone slabs the size of small elephants were located deep inside a cavern abutting Aeolis Mons, a large mountain.
Upon one tablet is a copy of the Ten Commandments and the text of John 3:16 written in 12 languages – including English, Spanish, Chinese, Basque and Hebrew. On the other tablet is a simple message in English reading “I am real.”
According to top scientists who have studied the discovery extensively, these findings may have definitively established Christianity as the one true religion.
“This is amazing,” says Syms Covington, an Australian researcher working for NASA’s Mars Exploration Program. “We went into the cave looking for water, and we found proof of God’s existence instead.
“I mean how else did those tablets get there? I can tell you one thing: there’s not a single atheist ins…


The blackberry smartphone manufacturer has posted a net loss of $84m for its first fiscal-quarter of this year, sending its share price plunging by a quarter in early trading.
          The loss was a considerable improvement on the $518m the company lost a year ago, but was still much worse than analysts had been expecting, according to
           Revenues at $3.1bn, were however up by 9% compared to a year ago. The revenue breakdown for the quarter was approximately 71 percent for hardware, 26 percent for service and 3 percent for software and other revenue
           The company shipped 6.8 million smartphones, which is noted for was an improvement on the previous three months. However, it was still down on the 7.8 million units shipped in the comparable quarter a year ago.