Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sexual Issues and Solutions- Love Dr.

Men don’t need a brain to ejaculate (because the order comes from the spinal cord).
Which makes sense because most guys seem to be missing a lot of brain functions. Do you know that you can “break” a penis by twisting it violently while it’s erect? The male orgasm lasts about six seconds, whereas the female orgasm lasts about twenty-three seconds and the penis can actually shrink if it isn’t used enough.

Hello Viewden, I got the Superhard from you last week and even though I’m hypertensive and diabetic, it didn’t give me any side effects whatsoever, no increased palpitations or increased heartbeat rate and I performed so well than I have done in the last twenty years. One of my friends whom we share the same health conditions said he got Manupand African Superman from you and that it did worked wonders. Can I also try out new products like that to see which one works best and suits my body perfectly well? Bada
Well, all the other herbal aphrodisiac you have mentioned do work the same way in giving instant erection without giving any side effects even to men with health challenges and just like Superhard worked liked magic, so also will African Superman, Manup, and Boss Rhino gold work in giving hard erection on demand and you can try them out at different times.
I’m about finishing the first  pack of  Prosolution pills and I’m supposed to use three packs in correcting early ejaculation and I can boldly say that I started noticing that I now last for about 20 mins in the 3rd week of usage, though I want to last for more than 30 to 40 minutes before ejaculation. I’d called several times but I was told Prosolution is out of stock and I’m having just 8 pills left. Please when will it be available? cos I was told to use the three packs back to back without leaving out a day to totally correct. – Ifeanyi
Prosolution pills helps to correct early ejaculation and weak erection, but it has to be used for about 2 to 3 months without break and yes  Prosolution is now available though in limited quantity and you can place your order anytime while the stock last.
I read one of your articles some years back about Kayanmata, a herbal range of products that help women to enjoy sex and hold the man down and the ones that also tightens the vagina and some for breast firming. I also inquired at the time and I was told it’s around six thousand five hundred Naira for each one. Are the products still available and the price the same?Yemi
Yes, Kayanmata is known and commonly produced in the northern part of Nigeria to help women enjoy sex better, but there are several imported ones that perform the same function. There are variety of them, some called Sex sweetener –to make a woman very enjoyable to  a man and make him come for more, some are for tightening of vagina, some for breast firming etc. they come in cream, tablet forms, oils and even in soap forms , but they all do the same work. And yes the prices are still the same.
I heard Extenze plus can enlarge the penis and at the same time help correct erectile dysfunction. Does it work like Vigrx plus, cos I have a friend who used Vigrx plus and got a good result in terms of enlargement of the penis. Can I give it a trial? Bayo
There are numerous penis enlargement products in the market. It’s very important to note that the penis is an organ and cannot grow overnight or in two weeks. In most cases, result starts showing from the 7 to 9 the week of usage depending on the body type. Either Extenze plus or Vigrx plus is effective in enhancing this increment of the penis and also handle erectile dysfunction in men. If your original size after erection is about 3 to 4 inches, you might need to use a penis pump alongside these supplements for a faster result. You can settle for either Extenze plus or Vigrx plusor even the two depending on your budget.

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