Saturday, November 29, 2014

Why Yoruba Women Have The Biggest Backside in Nigeria- Charles Novia

Charles Novia is at it again.. this time it’s about ladies who gat  big backside! Nollywood filmmaker and self-proclaimed culture critic Charles Novia says African women are naturally endowed. Also he explained that Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez should be jealous of Mercy Johnson, Yvonne Okoro and a lot of African women – especially Yoruba women.

Read Charles piece below.

I know the hidden agenda of Kim Kardashian, Nikki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez. Yes, I know.

These ladies are jealous of Mercy Johnson, Yvonne Okoro and one of my female relatives in the village.

Na today real Black women don dey get Big Yansh? Why the sudden obsession with Kim Kardashian’s butt by the Western World? Ehn?

And the funny thing is, oyinbo women are now getting butt transplants while those who can’t afford it are using butt pads, or Yansh Pads as we term it here sometimes.

Now, this is the humour when it comes to Nigerian and perhaps African women. When God made the African woman, he might have taken an extra rib from Adam to bless the African women in most parts of the continent. That is why South African women have….(*speechless)

Narrowing it down to Nigeria and the ethnic groups, it is debatable but research has shown that Yoruba ladies just might have the biggest butts in Nigeria. I am likely to concur with this because ever since I was born and all the years I was growing up, the only images of Yoruba women I could remember from the black and white music clips of those days and Owambe Parties, were images of some bad ass conservative butt shaking which never got one’s parents incensed enough to switch off the television lest we got ‘spoilt’ but would sooner ask us to close our eyes when images of oyinbos kissing came on the screen.

In fact, when I first watched a clip of Fela Kuti’s stage performance in 1977 or 1978 on NTV ( as it was called then), it wasn’t the ‘shakara, shakara’ chorus he was singing which caught my fancy. It was the unbridled butt shaking of his dancing girls which tormented my poor, young innocent soul for years.

Then, Charly Boy came in 1987, with his outrageous music video, ‘Big Bottom’ and not even the morally-correct NTA could ban it off the airwaves then even with the
tempting close-ups of women with Big Yanshes in that video. Then one lady singer called Uche Ibeto released a video titled ‘Jigida’ where she did some provocative butt shaking as she screamed in a simulated moan ‘ligiligi, ligiligi, sha, sha, sha! ‘. And no one banned that video then because it ‘projected an African dance’.

Back to the meat of my story, today’s fashion is a conspiracy to ensure that Butt-om Power will keep on ruling. Everything with women’s fashion seems to bring out the shape of their butts these days. And the Kim Ks and Nikki Minajs are there to help you out, if you have any doubts.

Sadly, in Nigeria, I am told that Butt Pads for ladies are in high demand in the market. Why? Because many young ladies want to have butts like Kim Kardashian.
I need to ask why an African lady would want to put on artificial pads on what has naturally been padded from heaven. Because of Kim?

Fela Kuti did sing that the African People’s problems start from the back. ‘Na from BACK yioooooo’.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate butt. Good butt. And for those who got it among the ladies, thank God for ‘butt’ering your bread. But when butts are being used now as weapons of distraction, Houston, we have a problem!

Why did I write this satire today? Two days ago, at Garki 2, a young lady with well-formed hips came out of a building and stood by the road to flag down a taxi. I tell you, Kim K has nothing on this woman’s butt and I wasn’t looking at her o. I was humming Tisha Cobbs ‘Break Every Chain’ when I saw her. The next thing I knew, an SUV rammed me from behind. Gbosa!

A well-dressed young man came out and apologised profusely as I looked at my dented rear bumper. Whilst apologising, he kept glancing at the young lady a few metres away.

‘Mr Man!’ I said, ‘before Yansh will kill you, go and meet that girl and take her contacts so that you will know that the bills you will pay for fixing my dent will be worth it!’

The Guy nor slack. He went to the Lady and a couple of minutes later, they both walked back to his SUV.

I don’t care to know what went down with him and the endowed lass but all I know is that I have a new rear bumper at his expense which was fixed yesterday.
Obviously that kind of person would not care to pay for bumpers. What with the way he rammed my car from behind, it doesn’t take much imagination to visualise the other types of ramming he loves doing behind closed doors.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Messi is a beast who always wants more, says Xavi

Lionel MessiBarcelona midfielder Xavi has hailed Lionel Messi as a “beast” for his desire to always try to achieve new heights, likening him to former Real Madrid star Raul.
The Argentine attacker dethroned Raul as the all-time top scorer in the Champions League on Tuesday with his hat-trick in the 4-0 win over APOEL.
Messi has now found the net 74 times in European club football’s elite competition and Xavi feels his team-mate is an exemplary in the annals of history.
“Messi is always in the right place. It is incredible to have the best player ever in your team,” the veteran midfielder told AS.
“Messi reminds me a bit of Raul with his ambition. Raul was an example to follow and Messi has the same attitude. He is never satisfied and always wants more.
“They are competitive beasts. The stats are proof of this.”
Xavi then discussed his team-mate’s future after the Argentine’s comments that he might leave Camp Nou, stressing that the attacker is happy at Barca.
“I have always seen Messi happy. He never talks much and there’s always a discussion when he does talk. He said nothing out of the ordinary, though.
“Leo is happy and satisfied at Barcelona. He’s feeling right at home and enjoying himself.”
Messi has already netted 17 goals in as many appearances in all competitions so far this season

Don calls for sustenance of Ibadan excellence

A professor of History, Prof. Wale Oyemakin, has urged Ibadan elders and indigenes of the Oyo State capital in general to ensure that the excellence associated with the city is sustained.
Oyemakin spoke at the Annual Ibadan Festival Conference, organised by the Jericho Businessmen Club on behalf the Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes.
The event was part of the Ibadan Festival.
Head of the Aboderin family in Ibadan, Mogaji Olutunde Aboderin; President of JBC, Bayo Olugbemi; Ppresident-General of the CCII, Chief Bayo Oyero; Chief Finance Officer, Oando Energy Services Limited, Chief Adegboyega Adegoke; founding president of JBC, Sikiru Soladoye; members of JBC and other guests were at the event, presided over by Chief Oladiti Oladipo.
Oyemakin, who was the guest speaker, said that Ibadan had over the years played host to scholars and scientists, who through their work and publications had beamed the light of success on the city.
While listing the city’s feats, Oyemakin said Ibadan was home to the first television station in Africa, the first teaching hospital in the country, the first university and other reputable institutions.
He said, “That which crowned the confirmation of Ibadan leadership position in Yorubaland in particular and Nigeria in general was the establishment of University College, Ibadan in 1948. It gained autonomy in 1962 to become University of Ibadan and has since blossomed into veritable citadel of learning that commanded respect in the Commonwealth and the world at large.
“Outside the university system, there can be no doubt that the issue in Nigerian politics from time immemorial has remained the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo. There can be no doubt that the one and only issue (Awolowo) was incubated here at Ibadan. Since ideas rule the world and progressive ideas rule fine, Ibadan’s formidable reputation as Nigeria’s fountain of ideas and knowledge should be kept flourishing for the illumination of mankind.”
Chairman of the occasion, Oladipo, said that all efforts must be made to preserve the dignity of the city for the sake of the coming generations.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Obama, Putin circle each other warily in China

BEIJING (AP) — On the surface, President Barack Obama and
Russian President Vladimir Putin are all niceties — a pat on the
back here, a pleasantry there. But away from the cameras, the
two leaders are circling each other warily at a global summit in
China, coming face to face just as relations between their
countries continue to deteriorate.
Despite a handful of encounters so far, it was unclear whether
the leaders had broached any of the tough issues — such as
harsh U.S. sanctions that have damaged Russia's economy, or a
fragile ceasefire in Ukraine that appears at risk of collapse.
Officials said Obama and Putin didn't delve into substance
during a brief run-in Monday night, and in public appearances
Tuesday, the two kept their deep-seated disagreements out of
Just outside of Beijing, where leaders from 21 nations were
gathered for economic talks, picturesque Yanqi Lake became
the venue for an awkward pas de deux between two of the most
powerful leaders in the world.
Entering an ornate, wood-paneled room for the start of the
summit, Obama and Putin looked a bit like sidekicks to Chinese
President Xi Jinping. The summit's host led the way, with the
American on one side and the Russian on the other.
"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Putin said in Obama's direction. Yes, it
is, concurred a reticent Obama, avoiding eye contact with Putin
and addressing his response to no one in particular.
As the three presidents came to a stop at the head of the table,
Putin reached out to give Obama a slap on the back. But
Obama had turned in a different direction, and it didn't appear
that the Putin's hand landed on its intended target.
A few hours later, the two again found themselves in close
quarters under an overcast sky as leaders planted trees in honor
of their counties. Putin strode confidently up to his tree, ahead
of Obama, who clasped his hands behind his back before
picking up a shovel and greeting a Spanish TV crew with a
Away from the cameras, Obama and Putin did have a chance to
speak privately, said a senior Obama administration official who
wasn't authorized to comment by name and demanded
anonymity. But it wasn't clear how thoroughly the leaders used
that opportunity to address the vexing issues that have raised
the specter of a return to a level of chilliness between the U.S.
and Russia unseen since the Cold War.
Putin's spokesman said only that the two had spoken a few
times during the summit, touching on "bilateral relations, the
situation around Ukraine, Syria and Iran."
The U.S. has been up in arms over Russia's presumed role in
fueling pro-Russian rebels in neighboring Ukraine. White House
officials have accused Russia of sending heavy weapons to the
separatists and shelling Ukrainian troops, and have denounced
Russia's buildup of forces along the border.
A truce reached in September between the rebels and Ukraine's
government is teetering, destabilized by what the White House
calls a "blatant escalation" by Russia and rebel-organized
elections in eastern Ukraine that the U.S. condemned as a
"sham." Vice President Joe Biden, in a phone call last week with
Ukraine's president, vowed further U.S. sanctions against
Moscow "if Russia continued to willfully violate the terms" of
the cease-fire.
Russia's economy has taken a major hit following U.S. and EU
sanctions — the ruble has plunged by a third this year and hit an
all-time low last week — but Putin has dismissed the notion that
he's hurting at the hands of the West. Addressing the Asia-
Pacific economic summit here Monday, Putin said his
government had the resources to stabilize its currency without
taking any emergency measures.
"We want Russia to play a different role," Ben Rhodes, Obama's
deputy national security adviser, said Tuesday. "We want Russia
to be a stabilizing force on issues that we care about. But
they're not going to be able to do that ... if they're violating the
sovereignty of a country next door."
Rhodes said Obama wouldn't not be seeking out a meeting with
Putin while in Beijing — nor in Brisbane, Australia, where the
leaders will once again run into each other during a Group of 20
economic summit this weekend. "Putin knows where we stand,"
Rhodes said, adding that Obama may discuss Russia's actions
with other G-20 leaders.
For Obama and Putin, awkward encounters at international
gatherings have become almost expected. But the optics have
gained even greater attention as the Ukraine crisis has taken
center stage.
In June, on the sidelines of D-Day anniversary commemorations
in Normandy, France, Obama and Putin avoided each other
during a group photo, with Obama even using Britain's Queen
Elizabeth II as a buffer. The two later spoke briefly during a
private leaders' lunch.
And during a formal meeting last year during a summit in
Northern Ireland, Putin slumped in his chair and sat stone-faced
as Obama tried to joke about the Russian leader's athletic
ability. Obama later said Putin frequently looks like "the bored
kid in the back of the classroom."

Monday, November 10, 2014

Breaking News: 47 Killed in School Potiskum Yobe State Nigeria

A Suicide Bomber detonated an explosive in the mist of crowd of students while they were observing their morning Assembly. The victims re receiving treatment at Potiskum General HospitalAt least 23 dead in NE Nigeria school blast, rescue worker said at an explosion that ripped through a school in northeast Nigeria on Monday, as students gathered for morning assembly before classes began, a teacher and a medic told AFP.

The blast happened at the Government Comprehensive Senior Science Secondary School in Potiskum, Yobe state, as students waited to hear the principal’s daily address.

“At the moment, we have 23 dead bodies in the hospital and 72 other students injured in the blast,” a rescue worker said in an account supported by a Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps member

“The students had gathered for the morning assembly when something exploded in their midst with a thunderous sound‎ at exactly 7:50 am (0650 GMT),” said one teacher, who asked not to be identified.

“The explosion has affected many students but I can’t say how many because we are now evacuating the victims to the hospital which is just 100 metres (yards) away,” the teacher added, sobbing.

A medic at the Potiskum General Hospital where the victims were taken said scores of students had been admitted.

“We are still receiving casualties from the school which is a stone’s throw from here,” the medic said.

“Our priority now is to save the injured, so we have not started a headcount of the victims.”

A local resident, Adamu Alkassim, said there was confusion in and around the school but the scene was a mass of abandoned footwear and blood.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack but Boko Haram militants are likely to be the prime suspects.

The group, which wants to create a hardline Islamic state in northern Nigerian, has previously carried out deadly attacks on schools teaching a so-called Western curriculum since 2009.

In February, gunmen killed at least 40 students when they opened fire on students and threw explosives into the dormitory of a government boarding school in Buni Yadi, also in Yobe state.

In July last year 42 students were killed when Boko Haram gunmen attacked dormitories with guns and explosives in a government boarding school in the village of Mamudo, near Potiskum.

Potiskum, the commercial hub of Yobe state, has been repeatedly targeted by deadly attacks blamed on Boko Haram.

Just last week, at least 15 people were killed in a suicide bomb attack targeting a Shia religious ceremony in the city.

Yobe is one of three northeastern states that has been under a state of emergency since May last year to try to quell the bloody insurgency.

But violence has continued unabated and Boko Haram has seized at least two dozen towns and villages in recent months, raising fears of the government’s ability to control the region.

Dr Myles Munroe and Wife Died in a Plane Crash in Bahamas


We have just learned that acclaimed minister,
author and leader of Bahamas Faith Ministries
Dr. Myles Munroe has been tragically killed in
the Bahamas. He along with his wife Ruth
were on board a private jet with 7 others
when the plane reportedly hit a crane at the
Grand Bahama Ship Yard, according to ,

killing them all on impact. There are few biblical clinicians who's view of ministry wasn't
enriched in some way by this tremendous bible scholar. His voice
changed the way we viewed the Kingdom! Dr. and Mrs. Myles Munroe
and associates, gone but not forgotten! # DrMylesMunroe

Monday, November 3, 2014

Homeownership still a major challenge to Nigerians — NIESV

Homeownership is a great challenge to citizens in both the rural and urban areas, the Nigerian Institution of Estates Surveyors and Valuers has said.
According to the Vice Chairman, Faculty of Housing, NIESV, Mr. Biodun Odeleye, the problem comes from the high cost associated with land acquisition, building materials, taxes and statutory charges.
He added that solutions to the problems would form the basis of discussion at the faculty’s National Housing Summit holding in Lagos on Thursday, November 6, 2014, with the theme, ‘Housing as a catalyst for economic development’.
“Our economy is no doubt growing; in fact, it is one of the fastest growing economies in the world as of now.
“The growth, therefore, has to be holistic, affecting every facet of the economy. Housing has remained one of the biggest challenges of our economy in view of the massive shortage in the system,” Odeleye said.
He noted that the summit would focus on housing as a factor for accelerating economic growth as well as highlight the importance of housing in the present economic age, and how it could alleviate poverty and unemployment in the country.
“A greater percentage of the social and economic life of our nation takes place in houses; hence, the necessity of housing to the health and well-being of the nation cannot be overemphasised.
“This summit shall expose new ways by which our nation can successfully rise above housing and home ownership challenges through a careful appraisal of case studies beyond the Nigerian borders,” he stated.
Odeleye added that the summit, which is expected to have professionals in the built environment and others in attendance, would feature the Singaporean Minister of Housing, Dr. Lin Lan Yuan, who would speak on the topic: ‘An exposition of Singapore’s homeownership scheme, what imperatives for Nigeria.’
Other speakers are a former President of NIESV, Mr. Bode Adediji, and Managing Director, Nigerian Mortgage Refinance Company, Mr. Sonnie Ayere.

Displaced persons’ number swells to 10,496 in Mubi

No fewer than 10,496 residents of Mubi and its environs now reside in displaced persons camps following the recent attack on the areas by the militant Islamic sect, the National Emergency Management Authority said on Monday.
The agency also revealed that five women gave birth at two of the camps for the Internally Displaced Persons.
In a press statement by the agency’s Senior Information Officer, Sani Datti, it stated, “Following the recent attacks on Mubi town by Boko Haram insurgents, the National Emergency Management Agency and Adamawa SEMA have so far recorded about 10,496 Internally Displaced Persons in five camps situated in Yola south and Fufore.”
Datti, in the statement, said many more people were still pouring into the Adamawa state capital, Yola, from the attacked areas.
The NEMA spokesman said the agency’s Director General, Muhammad Sani Sidi, has assured the people of the agency continued provision of distribution of relief materials to the troubled states of the Northeast.
He said,  “The agency, which has been managing IDP camps and distributing relief materials in Adamawa and other states in the North East affected by the insurgency, would continue to establish more camps and provide all the basic needs of the displaced persons.”
Datti said the agency has delivered adequate relief materials to all the established camps in Adamawa State and the new one would be provided with tents.

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