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Today, October 31, 2011, 2 hours ago

BlackBerry chat on bombing of Third Mainland Bridge lands man in prison
Saturday, October 29, 2011, 1:09:46 AM

One Fafana Sekon was on Friday arraigned before an Abuja Chief Magistrate’s Court for allegedly seeking a volunteer to bomb the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos for the…

Free Phone Chatting

One can chat for free if u switch on the bluetooth of ur fone. there are different means of sending msgs via sms mms, wifi and i urge u u all to switch on ur bluetooth all de time and u'll recieve a msg and me people waiting to chat with u....

All boards of parastatal has been desolved.....checkout list

As the board of parastatals has been desolved we hope to see credible names and appointments made to the benefit of Nigerians. One of such names we should be expecting on the new list of appointment as suggested by most Nigerians. Which includes professors, doctors and professionals that have good examples to the youths of Nigeria. Pls comment on the names of your favourite candidate on this blog. One of my favourite candidate is Dr Nana Aishatu Abdulquadri P hd.


Dear Nacossites,
How was your holiday? I hope u had a nice time during ur holiday. Tanks to God for keeping us up to this present day. I'll like us as individual and as a department to come along with both our dues and sport kits for the unity and development of this our great department. Long live Nacoss long live JABU long live NIGERIA. Thanks to y'll from '11/'12 excos.
Signed: A.SP