Sunday, July 3, 2016

We can’t date guys that bleach — Women

I don’t like guys who bleach their skin; it is a turn off for me. I see no reason why a guy should bleach his skin. I prefer natural fairness. I wouldn’t mind dating a light- skinned guy, as long as his skin tone is natural and not artificial.
— Omolabake Lawal
I’m not one that is picky; I wouldn’t mind dating a guy that is light-skinned. What matters to me is his attitude and temperament. But I can never date a guy who bleaches his skin.
— Damilola Oladimeji

Everyone should appreciate his or her skin colour. Why would a guy want to bleach his skin? It sounds strange to me. A guy who bleaches his skin ends up looking scary. I think skin bleaching is totally wrong.
— Adana Ohakwu
Skin bleaching is disgusting and nasty. It is also very unhygienic. I don’t think I can ever date a guy who bleaches his skin. I’m against skin bleaching. However, I don’t mind dating a guy who is light-skinned, as long he doesn’t bleach his skin.
— Ayishat Ajidagba
I think skin bleaching is disgusting, why should a guy bleach his skin? Guys who bleach tend to have a strong body odour. The act sounds strange to me. I also prefer caramel to light-skinned guys.
— Bolu Olojo
Both guys and ladies shouldn’t bleach their skin; it has so many side effects. I can understand if a lady is bleaching her skin, but for a guy to bleach his skin? It sounds funny.
— Ore Adewunmi
I am dark in complexion, which means I can’t date a guy who is light-skinned. What makes matters worse is when the guy is bleaching. But why should a guy bleach?
— Balikis Olanrewaju
Bleaching is a wrong act; it shouldn’t be celebrated at all. I am totally against skin bleaching. And when a guy bleaches his skin, he looks funny. His skin also develops red patches. I appreciate dark-skinned guys.
— Jumoke Sawyerr
I can’t and won’t date a guy who bleaches. If I am trying to lighten my skin so my man can appreciate, and he too is doing the same thing, why? There can’t be two females in a relationship please. Skin bleaching is a turn off. If a guy is naturally light-skinned, I won’t mind dating him.
— Hannah Ogunlaja
Skin bleaching causes cancer and other ailments. A guy who has natural caramel skin tends to look better than a guy who bleaches. I won’t advise any guy to bleach and I can’t date a guy who bleaches.
— Stella Chukwu

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