Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Oyo, UI to collaborate in science, tech

The Oyo State Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology says it will collaborate with the University of Ibadan and The Polytechnic, Ibadan, among other tertiary institutions, to develop science and technology in the state.
The state Commissioner for Industry, Science and Technology, Dapo Lam-Adesina, stated this while inaugurating the ministry’s website in Ibadan.
The website, he said, would enable the state government and the schools to accomplish better technological achievements.
The commissioner said, “The scope and focus of this ministry have a lot in common with our tertiary institutions. This ministry cannot alone claim to be successful if it does not link up with the likes UI and Ibadan Poly because they have a strong research mechanism in science and technology. That is why we are working with them and other agencies in the development of science and technology.
“We have developed a research strategy that will involve the two institutions and the state through this ministry. This will link the state and its people, especially the students and youths generally with the modern trend in technology. I read about a UI professor that recently won a global award on innovation. He is the kind of people we are linking up with; people who lead the way and show us the path to modern technological advancement. We have a lot of plans designed to help the state to develop its science and technology.
“We have made the ministry available to the public who will be free to make enquiry, criticise us and ask questions on our programmes and activities. The world is transforming technologically and in a revolving world, a website is part of the most important tools of a ministry in charge of the development of science and technology. We are also seeking the cooperation of the state ministry of education in the development of curricular for our secondary schools, whereby subjects that will quicken the pace of learning science and technology in the schools will be introduced.”

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