Saturday, January 16, 2016

Wizkid and Dammy Krane Clash at Quilox Club

The Beef between Dammy Krane and Wizkid finally came to a head this morning, as both men got into a very physical confrontation at Club Quilox. Our correspondent on ground caught every minute of the showdown, and provided this timeline of events.

12:01 AM: Dammy Krane walks into Quilox with chants of "Street ti takeover" retnting the air

12:09 AM: Dammy Krane makes his way to a table occupied by Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa, Timaya, and Nigerian Football star, Obafemi Martins

12:15 AM: They order champagne and start popping. The Club is turnt. Everything is Lit.

1:03 AM: Wizkid and his entourage drive into the Quilox Paarking lot

1:08 AM: A Jincheng okada parks in front of Quilox. Vic O is in the building

1:13 AM: Wizkid and his entourage walk into Quilox to shouts of "Wizzy baby!" "Omo Jaye Jaye!" "Baba Nla"

1:13 AM: Dammy Krane hears people shouting "Baba Nla" and immediately figures Wizkid is in the building. He tells Timaya "I came up with Baba Nla"

1:14 AM: Timaya tells him to shut the hell up and drink some champagne

1:18 AM: Wizkid and his entourage settle at a table not far away from Dammy krane's and order champagne. At this point, both men are yet to see eye to eye

1:44 AM: Wizkid stands up and heads to the bar

1:45 AM: Vic O tries to get on stage to do a song. Shina Peller (owner of Quilox) disagrees and throws him out

1:47 AM: Wizkid, armed with a cup of Vodka he just obtained from the bar, walks towards Dammy Krane's table

*this was when things really went South*

1:48 AM: Timaya alerts Dammy Krane of Wizkid's approach. Too Late....

1:48 AM: Wizkid, from about 4 ft away, throws the cup of vodka at Dammy Krane.....

1:48 AM: Timaya and Obafemi Martins duck under the table.

1:48 AM: Vic O tries to be a hero. Jumps to intercept the cup and take a hit for Dammy Krane. lands somewhere else

1:48 AM: Cup hits Dammy Krane square on the forehead. He is cut open. Blood Everywhere

1:49 AM: An Infuriated Dammy Krane flings the bottle of champagne at Wizkid, who dodges it. Bottle hits the wall and explodes.

1:49 AM: Obafemi is mad at Dammy krane for throwing away their drink. Says next bottle is on him

1:51 AM: At this point, it's a free for all. Bottles flying about, cups, champagne buckets. Dammy Krane and Wizkid wrestling in the centre of the Club. Others taking sides around them and punching each other. Timaya and Obafemi still under the table. Vic O sneaks back into the club.

1:53 AM: In the midst of the melee, Vic O creeps onto the stage and is about to start singing 'Look Uche Face' when a bottle hits him on the head and he passes out.

*at this point, things are brought under control*

1:55 AM: Security operatives come into the bar and calm the situation. Wizkid and Dammy krane are ushered to separate locations and given stern talkings-to by Shina Peller.

2:01 AM: Wizkid and Dammy Krane come back into the club, and apologize to each other

2:05 AM: Both men hug each other to rapturous applause.

2:10 AM: A toast is made, and both men clink glasses. A Mash up of Expensive  Shit and My Dear blasts on the speakers.

5:00 AM: Vic O wakes up to an empty clubhouse. Performs Look Uche face to the cleaners. Gets hit with a mop. Faints again

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