Monday, August 25, 2014

A Show of Indiscipline in Kubwa Camp Abuja

It was a show of indiscipline in KUBWA CAMP ABUJA today when a pot belly soldier hit a corp member (FG pikin) with a stick. Riot broke out as angry corp members witnessed the flow of blood from their fellow's head, A corp member confirmed to be a Delta State indigene in my own platoon8, married with a kid whose wife served few years back in the same Kubwa camp here was molested and abused by an indiscipline soldier with a pot belly who every corp member hates with passion because of his unlawful behavior towards corp members. The angry members chased him to the gate with the motive of revenging of his ugly attitude towards corpers but the situation was calmed by NYSC senior staff and the Camp Commandant (Ijakpa) who is popularly nicknamed by corp members as Can U Hear Me, who every corper reference alot because of his matured cordination and an Army Officer Ahember popularly known as Pape loved by everyone were able to calm the situation and promised that the army officer will be dealt with as part of their ethics that no soldier should touch or hit a Corp member. We are happy the situation is calm now after we watched the soldier being handcurved and bundled into the SSS hilux van. We are happy we are leaving the camp tomorrow but sad that one of us is going home with an injury. All the best to us as we patiently await our PPA letter.

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